Happy Birthday Wishes; Best Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Wishes

Here we have hundred Happy Birthday Wishes. We hope all of you like these Happy Birthday Wishes. Basically we cover all type of Happy Birthday Wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

# Wish you very happy birthday. May this day bring lots of happiness and prosperity in your life?

# May this birthday brings lots of happiness in your life. Wish you very wonderful birthday.

# Best of Luck, in this auspicious occasion of your birthday. My dear friend wish you wonderful birthday.

50 Best Birthday Wishes 

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

# My sweet heart, my love wish you gorgeous and wonderful birthday.

# Love you so much, kiss you so much on this occasion of your birthday.

Birthday Celebration in Nepal

In the past the birth celebration was different then what people are doing now. Now Nepalese are also following the western culture. Cake and candle in not the Nepalese culture for the birthday celebration. In my opinion it is not bad to follow the good culture and tradition of others however it is not good just to copy them. Therefore we would like to suggest to follow the technique and ideas for the development of the country and society rather than just to follow vagabond life style.

Things not to do During Birthday Celebration

The following things are prohibited during the birthday celebration. So we kindly suggest all the visitors to go it thoroughly.

  • Eating meat or killing birds and animals is strictly prohibited on the birthday.+
  • Do not cut cake on the birthday.
  • It is not good to give any things to others on this day.
  • If possible gather the things like money gold and others in this day.

The astrology talks a lot about it. So it is not our private ideas but our ancestor’s talks about it.

Any what so ever it is mentioned over here it does not matter. It is your own choice how to live your life. The only thing is that we share the things what we have got from our expert group.

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