Grade Eight DLE English Questions

Grade Eight DLE English Questions

Here is Grade Eight DLE English Questions. This Grade Eight DLE English Questions are prepared by well experienced teachers group working for GbsNote.

Grade Eight DLE English Questions

 1. Fill in the blanks spaces with the correct word given in the brackets:

a. ———apple that is on the plate is not for you. (A, An, The, no article)

b. I am not feeling well. Jyoti, please prepare food————.(yourselves, oneself, yourself, herself)

c. She wrote me a letter————March 10th. (on, at, in

d. Neeta is very lazy. She———–her work honestly. (doesn’t does, don’t do, doesn’t do)

2. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets.                           (6×1=6)

i. She asked Ram if he was fine. ( into direct speech )

ii. Amita hurt herself. (into Yes\No question )

iii. Bidit said, “I drew this picture.” (into  indirect speech )

iv. He never shows positive attitude. (into affirmative)

v.Daniel was thrown into a den of lions by the King. (into active)

vi.My uncle has bought a large house. (into passive)

Answer any five of the following questions: (5×2=10)

a.Why did Daedalus warn his son not to fly too near the sea and the sun? (The Story of Icarus)

b. What four things which Marco saw in China amazed him? (A Traveller and a Conqueror)

c. Why were people afraid of Ganghis Khan? (Ganghis Khan )

d. Who was Marco Polo ? When did he come to China? (A traveler and a Conqueror)

e. Why couldn’t Ishwor continue the trip with other friends? (Up to Gokyo)

f. What is a yak? Why are yaks so useful? (Up to Gokyo)

g. What animals did the filmmakers see? (Animals in Chitwan)

h. What is surfing? (Shyam Talks about Australia)

Grade Eight DLE English Questions
Use any four of the following words or phrases in sensible sentences of your own.                                                 

keep an eye on, survive, deserve, excitement, in addition to, put out

5. Punctuate the following piece of text correcting spelling error (s) if necessary. (4)

look at that ones antelers they havent all got them have they

6. Make a readable story from the outlines given below and supply a suitable title to it: (6)

A farmer — an amazing goose — laid a golden egg daily — the farmer greedy—

Thinks to be rich at once — kills the goose to get all — great disappointment —

gets a  single egg —  Moral .

7. Write an essay on one of the following topics in about 150 words. (10)       

(a) Patriotism                (b) Global Warming                         (c) The person you like most

  1. Write a letter to your pen friend telling her/him about the strikes which have often been called by different political parties. Don’t forget to mention how it has been affecting your studies. (10)
  2. Read this newspaper item and answer the following questions:

 A  Answer the questions given below:                                                                              (1×4=4)

i) There are some people who criticise Mother Teresa. What, according to them, do the                                       poor, the hungry and the sick need most?

ii) How is Mother Teresa different to the institution?

iii) Why is it difficult to give love to the sick and dying people?

iv) What helped Mother Teresa to do this difficult task?

B Find a word or words in the text for the meaning given below:                                           (4×1=4)

i) something new, use instead of something else__________

ii) to express your disapproval_______________

iii) very strong belief /feeling___________

iv) providing__________

Read the following passage carefully and do the activities that follow.

About 40,000 years ago people came to Australia from Asia. They lived by hunting and collecting insects and plants. They didn’t grow crops or build houses. These people are called aborigines. Australia wasn’t found by other people until 1606. a Dutchman called William Jansz landed in the far north. He didn’t know it was an island. In 1770 the British explorer James Cook landed on the east coast. He called the place where he landed Botany Bay because of all the strange new plants.

He studied the people,plants and strange animals and claimed the land for Britain. In 1788 the British government sent 750 prisoners and 250 guards to live in Australia. Many stayed and began to build houses and to farm. Others followed because British prisons were very full. Life was very hard. But in 1851 people discovered gold. As soon as people heard this, they left their homes in Europe and sailed to Australia, trying to find gold and become rich.

  Answer the following questions:
 Grade Eight DLE English Questions                                                                                     (1×4=4)

a) Who are aborigines?

b) What did they live on

c) What did James Cook name the east coast and why

d) Why did he claim the island for British?

 B  Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:                                                                    (4×1=4)
  1. a) Australia was found before 1606.
  2. b) The British explorer James Cook landed in the far north and named Botany Bay.
  3. c) People in Australia then, lived on farming.
  4. d) People from Europe started sailing to Australia to find gold and become rich.

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