Grade 8 DLE English Questions

grade 8 dle english questions

It is the work sheet for grade 8 DLE English questions. This grade 8 DLE English questions are prepared by 25 years experienced teacher.

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Grade 8 DLE English Questions

Subject: English                                                                                 F.M.: 85

Class: 8                              Time; 2 hrs. 30 min.                               P.M.:  34

A. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct word given in the brackets: (4×1=4)

  1. There is _______ ewe beside him. (a, an, the)
  2. Wisdom is the gift _______ heaven. (from, of, by)
  3. Do not let _______ be seen. (himself, herself, yourself)
  4. Sheep _______ the source of wool. (is, are, have)

B.Change the following sentences as indicated in brackets:             [6×1=6]

  1. Prasanta hurt himself. (into yes/no question)
  2. Rima said, “I can jump five feet. (into indirect speech)
  3. Mother said that he had to do his homework then. (Into direct speech)
  4. He had a gold ring. (into Negative)
  5. The oxen are ploughing the field. (into passive)
  6. Let the blanks be filled in. (into active).

C. Answer any five of the following questions:       5×2=10

  1. “Here we are materially well-off but spiritually deprived.” Explain it with reference to ‘A Letter to My Mother.”
  2. Why is Rosa parks referred to as the ‘Mother of the civil Rights Movement’ in the United States of America?    (A Bus Ride to Remember)
  3. How did the birth of computer animation help this industry? (Animation)
  4. How did the film ‘Modern Times’ affect Charlie’s life? (Charlie Chaplin)
  5. List two different things a visitor can do at Universal studies. (Film Fun)
  6. Mention four recommendations made by laughter experts? (Laughter – A useful Resource)
  7. Why do you think are the blackmailers called ‘bungling’? (Black)

Grade 8 DLE English Questions

D. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

“This show is fast and the stunts are fantastic. It’s so much better than the film! When the plane crahses into the water and explodes, you can feel the heat on your skin!” says David, aged 14, living in Toronto, Canada.

Fourteen-year-old David is describing ‘Waterworld’, a show at Universal Studios, Hollywood, one of the four big theme parks in Los Angeles. His comments appear on a website where park visitors talk about the rides and shows.

There is a lot of competition between the parks. Each one tries to make their rides and shows more and more exciting, which is why people sometimes say that the shows are often more fun than the films!

Universal Studios Hollywood is a working film studio, a role that goes back to the early days of Hollywood. Within it’s gates, the rich heritage of films of the past and all the stars and excitement of today’s Hollywood truly comes alive.

Universal Studios Hollywood is huge. There are live shows, rides, restaurants, shops and exhibitions where visitors can look at the props used in films. The rides are based on popular films such as Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and The Terminator.

Visitors can take tours to see where films and television shows are made. They can also find out how the studio makes rainstorms, snow and fog.

Grade 8 DLE English questions

The first-timer favourite is the tram tour, during which you can experience the parting of the Read Sea, an avalanche, a snowstorm, and a flood; meet a nine-metre-tall King Kong; be attacked by the killer shark of Jaws fame; survive an all-too-real simulation of an earthquake that measures 8.3 on the Richter scale, complete with collapsing earth’; and come face to face with a scary Egyptian mummy.

The trams have audio and video systems and the guided trip circles the 415-acre complex all day long. This tram ride is usually the best place to start, since it is on the lower level of the park.

Advertisements for Universal Studios Hollywood say that this is ‘where everything that happens in the films happens to you’.

Anyone who has dropped down the 24-metre waterfall at the end of the Jurassic Park ride might agree that this is true!

i. Answer these questions: 4×1.5=6

  1. What does David find better than a film? Why does he feel so?
  2. How has the competition between the theme Parks benefitted the people?
  3. How can visitors enjoy at Universal Studios?
  4. What do advertisements say about Universal Studios, Hollyhood?

ii. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the above text: 4×0.5=2

  1. ______ is a place where everything that happens in the films happens to you.
  2. ______ is one of the four big theme parks in Los Angeles.
  3. ______ try to make their rides and shows more and more exciting.
  4. ______ have audio and video systems.

Grade 8 DLE English questions

  1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Sir. – for me the events of last weekend were a reflection of some of the problems of society today.

On Saturday afternoon I attempted to stop a robbery at one of my local shops. No one came to my aid during my endeavors; now I have a black eye and broken ribs.

The apathy and disinterest of bystanders shocked me. The four youths responsible for the robbery made their escape in a Volvo, which suggests that it is easier to make a dishonest living rather than an honest one. The shop-owner has shown no interest in my well-being and a no gratitude for my attempt to protect his property.

I suppose I am fortunate that my injuries are not more serious, but I have found the experience saddening. When will the public stop turning a blind eye to such events; actively help to prevent them; and take responsibility for factors – such as high unemployment which lead to this sort of crime? – Yours sincerely.

(Dr.) J.D. Colledge.

176 A Clive Road,

London SE21.

(from The Guardian)

Grade 8 DLE English questions

a. Answer the following questions:  4×1=4

  1. Where did the robbery take place?
  2. How did the writer get hurt?
  3. Were the youths successful in their attempts?
  4. In what sense does the writer consider himself fortunate?

b.Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for the false statement:  4×0.5=2

  1. This is a business letter.
  2. This letter was first published in ‘The Guardian.’

      iii.      It tells about a bank robbery.

  1. The writer believes that it is better to rob people than to do an honest job.
  2. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.  Column A                                   Column B
  • apathy                                          a. attempts
  • endeavors                                    b.  onlookers
  • bystanders                                   c.   the feeling of being grateful
  • .gratitude                                     d.  not being enthusiastic about anything.
  1. Use any four of the following words and phrases in sensible sentences of your own. 4×1=4

props,  coaxed,  bridging the gap,  breakthrough, to turn a blind eye, to out of his mind.

  1. Punctuate the following text correcting the spelling errors if necessary.                   4

This show is fast and the stunts are fantastic its so much better than the film when the plane crashes into the water and explodes you can feel the heat on your skin says David, aged 14 living in Toronto, Canada.

  1. Write a readable story with a suitable title on the basis of the outlines given below.      6

Three man pass through the forest ¾a bag of gold ¾ agree to divide it ¾ they become hungry ¾ one sent to buy food ¾ plot to murder him ¾ returns ¾ murdered by his companions ¾ they eat the poisoned food ¾ conclusion.

Grade 8 DLE English questions

Write an essay on any one of the following topics (in about 150 words) 


Education for children.

Importance of Peace for Development

  1. Write a letter to your friend relating your plans to go for the Dashain and Tihar holiday.
  1. Answer the following questions in your own words.
  2. The Tempest is the story of crime and forgiveness‘. Justify this statement with reference to your text.                                                                                                             or

Make a brief characterization of the following characters.

  1. Benedick and Beatrice                     b.  Hermia
  1. Write short answers to any three of the following questions: 3×3=9
  2. Mention some of puck’s favourite tricks. (A Midsummer—)
  3.   What was the purpose behind Don John’s Plut? (Much Ado About Nothing)

iii. From among the plays you have read so far choose the one which you like most and write the short message it conveys.

  1. How did Oberon punish Titania? (A Midsummer —— )

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