Grade 11 English Board Exam Questions

Grade 11 English Board Exam Questions

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Grade 11 English Board Exam Questions

Class: 11                                                                                                                      Full Marks: 100

Subject: English                                              Time: 3 hours                             Pass Marks: 40


Group ‘A’

  1. (a) Put the following words in alphabetical order:

                     Personality,    periodical,     perimeter,     perplexed,     pneumonia,     performance

                    (b)  Which Guide-words are correct for the following words?

                    (i)   genial                           (i)  gesture/girlfriend

                                                               (ii)  gear/gesture

                     (ii)   Prattle                         (i)  precondition/preposition

                                                                (ii)  Powdery/precondition

  1. (a) Rewrite the following sentences choosing the correct word from the pair given in each sentence:

(i)         Don’t let your dog ________ (lose/loose); if there are any children playing near your house.

(ii)         Last night when I ________ (laid/lay) on my back, it hurt me awfully.

(iii)        Anil’s shirt is torn, _________ (however/therefore), he needs a new one.

(b)        Rewrite these sentences filling in the gaps with appropriate forms of the verb ‘Have’.

            (i)         My uncle _______ not much money at the moment.

            (ii)         She _________ an accident last year.

            (iii)        By next week we ___________ finished our Send Up examinations.

            (iv)        My friend is lucky; his parents __________ television.

  1. Your friend in Austria wanted to know about marriage in our culture. Write a letter with the description of a wedding in Nepal.
  2. Answer Any Two of the following questions. (2×10=20)

            (a)        What are Barbara Holland’s opinions about single and multiple children? Describe.

                        (Speaking of Children…)

            (b)        Write a character sketch of Malini.

            (c)        Write about the suffering and bitter experience of Joan Didion as a migraine patient.  (In Bed)

  1. Answer Any Three of the following questions. (3×5=15)

            (a)        What is the mysterious dream Kim dreams of? (The Recurring Dream)

            (b)        Why is Armando afraid of the heavy man on the bus? (Fear)

            (c)        What do you mean by ‘many things fell that year’? (Look at the Tea Cup)

            (d)        What changes to people and objects are described in the poem ‘On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness?’

Group ‘B’

  1. Rewrite the following sentences using ‘having’ or ‘being’, whichever is appropriate:
    • I hate people telephoning me early in the morning.
    • He love people taking my photograph.
    • I adore people giving me expensive presents.
    • She love people bringing my breakfast to me in bed.
    • I like people admiring my clothes.
  1. Join each pair of sentences into one using ‘not … enough’. Use ‘for’ only where it is necessary:
    1. We arrived late. We couldn’t get any dinner.
    2. You couldn’t read that book in one evening. It’s too long.
    3. My mother’s shopping basket was very heavy. She couldn’t carry it.
    4. We couldn’t see through the windows. They were dirty.
    5. You’d better not sit on the ground. It’s damp.
      Rewrite the following sentences using the word/group of words in brackets so that they mean the same:
  2. He probably won’t use a major airport. (doubt)
  3. The town has got plenty of cheap hotels here and there. (there)
  4. Do you think you could possibly help me get the washing in? (suppose)
  5. You should lock the car in case someone steals it. (so that)
  6. The company publishes a report every four months. (year)
  7. Criticize the behaviour of the following people using ‘is always’ or ‘keeps’ as has been shown in the example:

Example: A clumsy person is a person who is always/keeps doing things in a very awkward way.

  1. vain
  2. a pessimist
  3. a bore
  4. absent-minded
  5. a gossip

    Attempt any two of the following questions.

  6. Write about 250 words for each answer:
  7. Or write an essay on the topic ‘Importance of Peace for the Development of a Country’.
  8. Write a story ending ‘I never saw him/her again.’
  9. Or write a letter to your friend in Germany telling him/her about a festival you like the most.

Read the following passage first and then answer the questions given below:

I have always found astrology a fascinating though rather silly idea. Somehow I can’t believe that pieces of rock flying around in space should decide whether I’m intelligent or stupid, social or unsocial, generous or selfish. Astrologers say that our characters are influenced by the positions of the planets at the moment we are born. The Sun warms us they argue and helps things grow; the Moon causes the tides, and (according to some) can make people go mad. In the same way, say the astrologers, the planets and stars influence what we do, and the kind of people we are. I’m not convinced.

However, there’s no doubt that astrology is still very popular. I’m always amazed at the way normally sensible people carefully read their horoscopes in newspapers and magazines. ‘Of course, it’s all rubbish, really,’ they say, with an embarrassed smile on their faces, when they see you watching.

I’m the same myself. The other day I saw one of those Zodiac Star Guides in a station bookshop, and, of course, I put my hand in my pocket and took it away to read on the train- carefully hidden behind a newspaper. I’m a Gemini, and Geminis are supposed to be egotistical, so I turned straight to the Gemini pages and started reading about myself.

It began well. According to my Star Guide, I’m intellectual, quick thinking, imaginative, generous, charming, and everybody finds me extremely interesting to talk to. I also have a wide variety of interests, and am successful in everything I do. I began to feel sorry for the poor Taureans, who, according to the book, are rather boring, quiet, unimaginative people who never seem to do very much at all.

Grade 11 English Board Exam Questions

However, although all this was very enjoyable reading, it didn’t impress me: it’s easy to get people to believe nice things about themselves. But what about the faults? Will it get those too, I wondered as I read on.

I did. It seems that having a quick mind can have its disadvantages: besides being ‘as changeable as the British weather‘, I’m rather quick-tempered, easily bored, and find it difficult to make decisions. Because of my many interests, the book continued, I can’t concentrate on one thing at a time, and tend to be a ‘Jack of all trades and master of none‘. More worrying was the discovery that I ‘have no depth of feeling’, and am unreliable in matters of love. And I was particularly upset to read the Geminis are sometimes not entirely honest.

By this time I was beginning to wonder whether the writer of the book was a personal acquaintance of mine. I was even (like a true, changeable Gemini) beginning to change my mind about astrology, and to stop feeling sorry for people born under Taurus.

But then I saw the trick: everyone has these faults, not just Geminis. We all sometimes lose our tempers, get bored, and change our minds- and nobody can be single-minded, serious, reliable and honest all the time. Slightly relieved, I put the Star Guide away and looked through the newspaper, stopping, as usual, to look at my horoscope for the day.

‘Reading your horoscope?’ asked the man sitting next to me.

‘Yes,’ I replied, with an embarrassed smile. ‘Of course, it’s all rubbish, really.’

Now write answers to the following questions:    (2×5=10)

  • What is the main claim of astrologers according to the text?
  • What argument do they use to support their claim?
  • Why do you think people might feel embarrassed about reading horoscopes?
  • What two things did the writer do that show he feels embarrassed?
  • Write the meanings of the quotations that have been underlined in the text in your own words.

 The End

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