Germany Working Visa Job for Nepali !!!

Germany Trainee Job with Salary 2000 Euro

Now Nepali can go to Germany under working visa. Nepali will migrate as Germany Trainee Job with Salary 2000 Euro.

The government has recently singed two European Countries Germany and Romania. The main objective of this MOU is to find the real price of service of migrant Nepali workers. Similarly, they will get social security benefits.

Germany Working Visa for Nepali

Dandu Raj Ghimire spokesperson of Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security said government is talking with France, Portugal and some other European countries for the bilateral agreement to find Nepali migrant workers labor market.  

Requirements for Germany Working Visa

Nepal has signed on MOU i.e., memorandum of understanding with Germany to send trainee workers. Now Nepali migrant workers can migrate to Germany for the employment. The details about it you can find in this article.

Germany Trainee Job with Salary 2000 Euro

German government will provide training for the migrant Nepali workers for one year. After the completion of the training the Nepali workers will get the skilled jobs in Germany.

Legal Way to Live and Work in Germany

The talk between two nations have made the path easy to migrate Nepali for Germany. So, there will be less fraud and cheating for Nepali willing to live and work in Germany.

Facilities for Trainee Workers

The trainee workers will get these facilities.

  • Free accommodation
  • Complementary food
  • Salary 2000 euro per month
  • The salary will be more after one year

How to Apply Work Permit Job in Germany

The job mentioned above is government to government program. This is the first step for Europe working visa job. In addition to Germany migrant Nepali workers are currently working in Romania, Portugal and other European countries.

Government will call the application for the interested candidates. Thus, you can fill this online free application if you want to live and work over there.

Working Visa Job in Europe

Beside Germany there are several opportunities for migrant Nepali workers in the European labor market. We are providing notices and information about abroad jobs.

Romania Job for Nepali

Similar to Germany there is job opportunity for the migrant Nepali workers in Romania. Recently Romania has also signed with Nepali government to take migrant Nepali workers.

How to Apply Job in Romania

It is online application. There is no cost for the job applicant. You can submit online job application form free of cost. Learn more about it from official pages of government of Romania.

Finally, we would like to express our best wishes to all the migrant working willing to live and work in Europe.

If you have any queries about abroad jobs then you can contact us. Our expert’s team will solve your problem within one working day. 

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