Germany Work Visa from Nepal

How to Apply Germany Work Visa from Nepal

Hi! Every one ! Germany is now ready to provide work permit job for Nepali citizens. Here you will get complete guide on How to Apply Germany Work Visa from Nepal.

How to Apply Germany Work Visa from Nepal

Recently Nepal has signed on Memorandum of understanding with government of Germany to send trainee workers from Nepal. According to this agreement Nepali workers will get training for one year. During this period, they will receive 2000 euro per month as salary.

Documents Required to Live and Work in Germany

Candidates must have the following documents to live and work in Germany.

  • A valid passport with validation period of minimum six months
  • Recently taken passport size photographs 6 copies
  • Academic qualification certificates
  • Completely filled visa application form
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Proof of financial stability

Work Visa Cost for Germany

The visa cost depends upon the type of visa. Similarly, it depends upon the duration. If you want to stay longer than 90 days the visa cost will be higher. The more about the recent updates on visa fee you can obtain from the Germany embassy Kathmandu.

Academic Qualification for Work Visa

The recent trainee work visa may not require the university level higher qualification. However, you must meet the minimum criteria for this trainee work permit.

Details about it is yet to come. Therefore whenever, we will get the detail information about the requirements for work permit job in Germany from Nepal we will update it in this page.

Application Process for Working Visa Job for Germany

Here are the steps:

  1. Research and find the suitable job opportunity in Germany
  2. Get the job offer letter from your employer
  3. Collect all the required documents as mentioned above
  4. Book the visa interview in German embassy
  5. While facing the visa interview give the straight forward answer
  6. Finally wait for the visa process

At this moment we would like to express our best wishes for all the interested candidates for the Germany working visa job.

Soon after the training the selected candidates will work as skilled workers in Germany. This a milestone in the history of migrant worker for Europe. At the same time the government of Nepal has also signed on the labor agreement with Romania.  

Illegal Migration to Europe

Both of these agreements will help to reduce the illegal migration of Nepali workers to European nations. At this moment there are thousands of Nepali workers in different European nations. However, this group of people has no labor agreement to live and work over there by Nepal government.


Generally, it seems that getting working visa job in Germany is complex. But if you work properly and follow all the steps correctly then working in Germany is not that much complex. You must be sure that you have collected all the required documents for working visa job. Similarly, you must not include and fake documents in this process. Otherwise, it is not difficult to get working visa job in Germany.

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