Work Visa Job in USA for 2024 !!!

Unskilled Jobs in USA for 2024

Hello everyone, here we have proper knowledge about Unskilled Jobs in USA for 2024. If you read this article till the end, you will find your way of choice. All are mentioned below about the requirements for working visa job in USA.

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Unskilled Jobs in USA for 2024

USA provides Unskilled Jobs in USA for 2024. For this fiscal the state is government is going to offer 20 thousand additional work permit visa job for the migrant workers.

At once the inexpert candidates may feel that it is impossible to live and work in USA but every day thousands of people are meeting the American sky in different working visa category.

Inexpert Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Unskilled jobs in USA are still valuable so you can start your preparation today itself. It is easy to search the jobs using the internet from your home. Go on finding the employer in America from the official job sites. Create your job application portal over there. Upload your testimonials over there.

If US companies are not able to fulfill the labor demand from the domestic market, then they are eligible to hire the foreign workers under EB-3 Visa.

What is EB-3 Visa?

Unskilled person looking for the jobs in USA can find this EB-3 as the best option. This you let you to live and work in USA with work permit job. EB-3 visa will let the American employer to hire foreign nationals in their organization. However, the employer must take permission from the department of labor. Similarly on behalf of the employee company must submit the petition file to USCIS for the final approval.

Once USCIS approved the migrant worker petition file then the employer will inform the employee for the visa processing the respective country.

What are Unskilled Jobs

Basically, those professions which do not requires expertism and special training or higher university qualification are unskilled jobs. Such jobs do not require higher skills and experiences as well.

List of Unskilled Jobs in USA

  • Hotel housekeepers
  • Restaurant kitchen helpers
  • Construction workers
  • Factory workers
  • Food making

How to apply Unskilled Jobs in USA?

If you do not know what is inexpert job in USA first let us know it. Those jobs which do not requires university qualification or specific training are unskilled or inexpert job. In one sentence it is a manual job. It is a labor work.

However, to get such working visa jobs in USA you need the sponsor. Sponsors are the employer in USA. The America based organization has to follow the norms of American labor department to enroll the foreigners in their organizations.

Method to Apply Unskilled Jobs for America

Are you thinking to live and work in USA? Well, your burning desire will certainly help you in this regard.

  • Connect internet in your gadgets
  • Utilize the social media and other job sites like LinkedIn to search for the job opportunities in USA
  • When you find the job according to your interest then submit the job application form with an attractive CV and wait for the response from the employer.
  • If you are approved then you will receive visa application instructions with job offer letter
  • After selecting your rate of pay, your employer will submit a petition file to USCIS for sponsorship
  • After this, a labor certification application will be filed to department of labor.
  • When you are verified by this process then your visa processing begins from here.
  • Completing this process then you have to fill all Forms 1-129 to USCIS. For specific candidates.
  • Finally, you will be instructed to apply for a visa.

Requirements for Unskilled Jobs in USA

When your employer complete the petition file and you are verified from department of labor then you must meet the following requirements to live and work in USA.

  • Properly filled DS 160 online form
  • One photograph of specified size
  • Valid passport
  • Visa fee paid original receipt
  • Job offers letter
  • Social media details
  • You must be above 18 for work permit jobs in USA

Visa Application for Unskilled Jobs

Well now it is time to take visa appointment date. You cannot approach the visa interview in your choice you have to take the early appointment. Beside this during the visa processing you have to pass the following steps.

  • Choose the visa you want to apply for
  • Collect the necessary documents while visiting the embassy or consoler office
  • Fill our nonimmigrant visa application
  • Schedule the visa interview date
  • Pay the visa fee amount
  • Attend the interview
  • Wait for visa processing

High paying Unskilled Jobs in USA

Here is a list of unskilled jobs in USA for the migrant workers.

  • Property Manager
  • Agriculture Workers
  • Tax preparer
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Heavy drivers
  • Construction workers
  • Cleaners
  • Sales boy or girl
  • Mail processors
  • Receptionist
  • Maintenance ground workers
  • Farm workers
  • Security Guards
  • Dairy boy
  • Transport drivers
  • Lorry drivers

Beside this you will be finding many more jobs in USA with good salary and hourly payments.

Finally, we would like to suggest all the interested candidates to apply for the post which you find the best according to your interest.

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