Free Online EDV 2019 Form

Free Online EDV 2019 Form

Here is Free Online EDV 2019 Form. So you can easily download Free Online EDV 2019 Form from this page. So after downloading the Free Online EDV 2019 Form you can fill it easily. More detail of Free Online EDV 2019 Form is given below.

Free Online EDV 2019 Form Details

The dv lottery form can be obtained from But if the dv application form is not working in this site then you can fill the form from this page. This year 2019 dv lottery form was open from October 3 2019. There is huge rush to fill the dv lottery 2019 form. People also say that it is the last dv lottery. But it is not proved by the state government.

DV Lottery Form 2019

The most important points while filling the dv lottery form are given below.

  • The photo size must be correct
  • You must give the correct personal detail according to your citizen certificate or passport.
  • You cannot fill the dv lottery form twice in the same year.
  • Check your dv lottery form before submitting it.

DV Winners Nepalese View

There are several Nepalese in America under dv scheme. They are enjoying the life in USA. Basically the siblings of the dv winners Nepali have secure life in America. Hence the dv winners Nepali are satisfied in America. Like Ram Bahadur Karki who is the dv winner Nepali in USA. He has two sons. They are studying in America. The first son is studying engineering and the second son is studying medical science.

Though the life of Ram Bahadur is struggling but the life of his sons is quite secured. This may be the reason why the craze of DV lottery is high in Nepal.

Why Do Nepalese Want to Go USA

The education of USA is one of the best educations in the world. So there is good job opportunity in America. There is good physical infrastructure. Fooding cost in America is low in comparison to the income. Students get easy loan for higher study. Cost of vehicle and fuel both are cheap in America.

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