Security Guard Job in France !!!

The minister for labor employment and social security Mr. Krishna Bahadur Shrestha has official talk with French Ambassador to Nepal. During the talk, France Working Visa for Nepali was discussed.

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France Working Visa for Nepali

French government will generate employment to the Nepali migrant workers the ambassador told. French government is ready to generate employment to Nepali workers in tourist industry. Similarly France government will open the door for Nepali health workers.

France Work Permit

Soon after the end of this pandemic France will open the labor market for Nepali people. The delegates in the bilateral talk suggested to the Nepali officials. It means migrant worker from Nepal will get work permit in France.

French Army Job

Many Nepali youths are working in French army. This is five years’ service job. It means after serving for five years in French army you will get permanent resident to France. Learn more detail about online application from our previous articles.

Vacancy for France Army

French government enrolls the foreign people in their security force throughout the year. Hence you can submit your online form for the job. Due to this pandemic the early selection is via online mode. Hence submit your online application for French Army from here.

USA Work Permit

America provides work permit for thousands of migrant workers. This is temporary working visa. However there are several types of other working visa for USA.

Portugal Working Visa

There is good opportunity for the Nepali workers in Portugal. There is already thousands of Nepali in Portugal. If you want to live and work in Portugal apply for the job. The employer will submit your petition to the government. You have to submit the job offer letter to the embassy or consulate office for the visa.

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