Entrance Chemistry Questions For Engineering

engineering entrance questions

These are the engineering entrance questions of chemistry. The HSEB board exam of class 12 in science faculty has finished. After the examination students are in great hurry. They are looking for the preparation of bachelor level study. Most of the students from science faculty go for engineering study. There are several engineering colleges in Nepal. Different universities provide the affiliation for colleges.

Among them the Tribhuvan University affiliated colleges are found in the front list. Students also keep the TU affiliated colleges in their first choice. Parents as well as students are in confusion for the selection of the engineering colleges. We provides the knowledge of colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It provides the knowledge of number of seats in different faculties. On the top of these here are some important question for BE entrance preparation. These are the questions for chemistry.

Entrance Questions of Chemistry For Engineering Students.

Choose the correct answer for the following questions.

  • Which was the first organic compound prepared in the lab?
  1. Methane.
  2. Acetic acid.
  3. Urea.
  4. Ethane.
  • Which of the following is not the characteristic of organic compound?
  1.  have low boiling point.
  2. are soluble in water.
  3.  exhibit isomerism.
  4.  are directional compound.
  • Aniline is purified by which process?
  1. Steam distillation.
  2. Vacuum distillation.
  3. Distillation.
  4. Distillation under reduced pressure.
  • An organic compound that decomposes below its boiling point is purified by which process?
  1. Fractional distillation.
  2. Normal distillation.
  3. Distillation under reduced pressure.
  4. Sublimation.
  • Distillation under reduced pressure is applied for the purification of which compound?
  1. Aniline.
  2. Napthol.
  3. Glycerin.
  4. Ethyl alcohol.
  • Separation of substances by fractional crystallization is based on the difference in
  1. Crystalline shape.
  2. Solubility.
  3. Viscosity.
  4. Density.
  • Ethyl alcohol when heated with sulphuric acid at 170 degree Celsius yields.
  1. Ethane.
  2. Ethene.
  3. Ethyne.
  4. None of above.
  • Haloform when heated with silver powder yields.
  1. Ethyne.
  2. Ethene.
  3. Ethane.
  4. None of above.
  • Hydrolysis of calcium carbide yields.
  1. Methane.
  2. Ethene.
  3. Ethyne.
  4. None of above.
  • Which of the following is formed by the oxidation of ethylene in the basic medium?
  1. Ethylene glycol.
  2. Glycol.
  3. Oxalic acid.
  4. Acetic acid.

Engineering Entrance Questions of Chemistry

These multiple choice entrance questions are the model only.Students can practice several other question in the same pattern.


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