2024 DV Lottery Result

US DV Lottery Result

Diversity Visa Lottery is an official program of state government. US DV Lottery Result is out now.

1Prakash Pun MagarMyagdiHas been selected
2Hari Bahadur ThapaKaskiHas not been selected
3Chinta Mani RijalSyangja Has been selected
4Sharmila DhamalaGorkhaHas not been selected
5Sony KCBhojpurHas been selected
6Aakash YadavSarlahiHas been selected
7Bishnu ShresthaKathmanduHas not been selected
8Santosh GarbujaPalpaHas not been selected
9Rudra Bahadur BKGorkhaHas not been selected
10Basanta KoiralaChitwanHas been selected

DV Winners Name List

We have the list of dv winners from Nepal. It is at the end of this page. Hence do not skip the page. Check the EDV Result from this page.

US DV Lottery Result

People are wondering to get the diversity visa lottery result. Hence to address this issue here is the list of dv winners from Nepal. If you go through the dv lottery results past history you can see that Nepal has the huge number of dv winners in each year.

DV Lottery Results History

It is the dv lottery history of last five years. Looking at it you can easily understand it. The result shows that nearly 8 percent of the total dv winners are Nepali citizens. Just have a look on the edv lottery result table for more information.

DV Winners from Nepal

It is expected that about four thousand Nepalis Citizens will bag the diversity lottery for the fiscal year 2024. We have the list of dv winners from Nepal at the end of this article. Hence do not skip the article. Check the list of dv winners in this article.

USA DV Lottery Winners from Nepal

It is our aim to provide the dv lottery results for the Nepali applicants easily. Hence we are trying our best to prepare the list of dv winners. All of us know that state government and department of dv program dose not prepare the list of dv winners. All the dv applicants must check the EDV lottery result from the official page of the state government.

Official Webpage for DV Result

Dvprogram.state.gov it is the official page for dv lottery. You can submit the dv lottery online application via this page. Similarly, you can obtain the online EDV lottery result from this web page as well.

How to check EDV Result 2024

Follow these steps to get the online edv lottery result.

  • First of all, go to dvprogram.state.gov
  • Enter you confirmation number together with date of birth and family name.
  • Once check the details
  • Finally submit these details to get the online result.

Beside this if you face any problem to get the dv lottery result contact us. Our team is ready to provide instant help and support.

As mentioned above we are not the official agent or any other organization to provide the dv lottery result. We just share the timely information about the dv lottery via gbsnote.com.

Hence rest of things you have understand yourself. we do not bear any kind of responsibility on behalf of dv applicants.

The dv lottery applicants must understand that there is no any other way to get EDV result beside the official website of the state government.

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