DV Winners Name List !!!

The state government of America publishes the dv result. So, to guide you for the dv result here we have 2024 DV Winners Name List.

DV Winners from Nepal

According to the past history we can predict that around four thousand candidates from Nepal will get EDV 2024. The history of past few years is in this trend.

EDV Result by email

It is not possible to get your diversity visa lottery visa email. As American government does not provide the result individually by email. Therefore, if you receive such emails telling you won the result be safe from such activities. Never open such emails.

It is fraud activity by several criminals around the world.

2024 EDV Result Date and Time

Online EDV result for the fiscal year 2024 is the 9 pm GMT local in Nepal on May 6 2023. It means you have to wait couple of weeks to get online dv lottery result.

EDV Result Getting Online Process

Here are the steps that you have to follow to get online dv lottery result. This the only way to get online EDV result.

We are not the official organization to provide the diversity visa lottery result. We are simply sharing the dv lottery information via our blog.

So, it is the obligation of the individuals to learn more about DV lottery and its result.

EDV 2025 Application Form

The online application form for dv 2025 will start from second week of October 2023. The detail notice is yet to come. We will be sharing the notice via this page soon after it is public.

How to Get DV Winners List?

Today we give you the list of dv winners with proof. People are commenting that it is false. Well, dv program does not publish the list of dv winners that is true. But it is the attempt of Gbsnote to prepare list of dv lottery winners in Nepal.

Hence as soon as the dv program publish the online dv lottery result we will provide you the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal. This list we will make it updated daily for couple of weeks.

2024 DV Winners Name List

The result for EDV 2024 is approaching nearby. According to the dv program state government will publish the DV result by 6th May 2023. In Nepal EDV 2024 result will be online by 9 pm local time on that day.

We will be providing all kinds of notices and information about DV lottery as well as work permit jobs in USA from here. Hence to collect such information remain with us.

Finally, we would like to express our best wishes to all the DV lottery candidates for their upcoming result.

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