EDV Rules for Nepal

EDV Rules for Nepal

DV lottery 2025 has only few days remain. Hence complete your online dv lottery application from here. Read EDV Rules for Nepal before submitting the dv lottery application.

Apply Now

You can submit the online dv lottery application from dvprogram.state.gov. It is the official page of dv program.

Documents Required for DV Lottery

The applicants of EDV lottery must have the following documents.

  • Minimum high school degree
  • Recent digital photo of 600 by 600 pixels
  • Duly filled online digital application form
  • Valid passport but not compulsory now

EDV Rules for Nepal

Do know the new rules of diversity visa lottery? Well, if you do not know we are going to provide them.

  • Applicants must be from the dv lottery eligible nations
  • No paper-based application forms are accepted for the lottery
  • Only one application for each individual
  • Photo must cover more than 60 percent by the head
  • Minimum high school degree academic qualification
  • Or two years of work experience in those areas which are accepted by the state government for the eligibility of dv lottery.

EDV 2025 Application Notice

The US embassy Kathmandu gives the notice for the online dv lottery application. On the top of this it provides some important points about dv lottery. Therefore, it will be good to go through these points before making the online dv lottery application.

EDV 2025 begins from October 8 2023.

Last Date for EDV 2025

The last date for the dv lottery application for 2025 is 13 November 2023. The online application will be removed from dvprogram.state.gov after this date. There is no any other way to submit the online application after this deadline.

When will DV 2025 Starts?

DV 2025 starts from beginning of the second week of October 2023. According to the notice of American embassy Kathmandu it is good to submit your application as early as possible.

Do not wait for the last date to submit EDV application. At the last moment the dv lottery server may not work as there will be pressure of traffic at that moment.

Appropriate Time to Fill DV Form

The online dv lottery form is open 24 hours in the period of application. Hence there is no exact time which is best to fill dv form. You can choose it in your convenient time. But the state government suggest all the dv lottery applicants to submit the online form as early as possible.

EDV New Rules

The new rules for EDV 2025 are in final discussion in the US parliament. As soon as the bill is passed it will act as a rule. Therefore, remain with us to get fresh updates about the dv lottery.

We make updates of DV application in this page. Hence remain in touch with us.

EDV Result 2025

The state government publishes the online diversity visa lottery in its official page. According to the notice given the US government and department of dv program the online EDV 2025 result comes by 7 May 2024.

Name List of DV Winners

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. We have been giving the list of dv winners since many years. This year too we are working on it. It is our attempt to collect the list of dv winners from Nepal. Hence you can check the list of dv winners from gbsnote.com.

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