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US Visitor Visa Requirements

Are you thinking of America visit as tourist. Well then you are in right destination. Today we give US Visitor Visa Requirements in details.

Key Highlights

  • What is US Tourist visa?
  • Who are eligible for US Visitor visa?
  • The required documents list
  • How to submit online tourist visa application form?
  • The cost for applying tourist visa of America.
  • Other FAQ, processing time, visa interview and many more

USA Working Visa Job Application form

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US Visitor Visa Requirements

When we talk about international tourism then USA is at the top. The data shows that about 80 million tourist visit USA as tourist. This data is increasing day by day. So if you are willing to go United States of America as visitor then read this article properly.

What is US Tourist Visa?

Tourist visa for America is a non-immigrant visa. This might be tourist or visitor visa or both. Hence the purpose of your visit may to tourism or meeting family members.

Eligibility Criteria of US Tourist Visa

The eligibility criteria of American tourist visa are:

  • It is better to show your proof of US visit. If you have good travel history that will be supportive for you.
  • Show your travel itinerary like hotel booking, travel ticket etc.
  • If it is your family visit show your invitation letter.
  • Similarly, if your visit is for medical purposes show your documents. There must be doctor’s prescription with US recommendation for further treatment.
  • If it is your business visit then show your proofs about the detail program during your stay in America.
  • Give your invitation letter from the organizer in USA.
  • Express your purpose of the visit.
  • Display your sufficient fund to travel America.
  • You have residence in your home country

What are the documents required for US tourist visa?

Documents required for US tourist or visit visa are:

  • Valid passport
  • Recent photographs as required
  • Correctly filled DS-160 form
  • Confirmation page of DS-160 form
  • Receipt of visa application fee
  • Proof of funds
  • Police report if demanded
  • Any other documents showing that individual is not involving in criminal activities
  • Enough reasons that you will return your home land
  • Visa interview appointment letter print out

How can you get Tourist Visa to USA?

You may get the tourist or visitor visa to America by following these steps.

  • Submit the appropriate size digital photograph
  • Fill DS-160 application form
  • Get bar code of 10 digits
  • Make the visa fee payment in the specified bank or using credit card
  • Complete the visa appointment form
  • Give your biometric
  • Attend the visa interview in the US embassy of your country.

Working Visa Job in USA

The state government provides seasonal working visa for the foreigners. Basically the agriculture and production sectors are in demand of foreign workers. Hence to fulfill the gap of labors in the domestic market the state government allowed the privates sectors to heir the

US Work Permit Job Application from Nepal

The eligible Nepali candidates can apply for work permit job for USA. This is online application. Similarly you do not have to pay any amount in the beginning. Just you have to pay the visa interview fee. Therefore never run after the fake people. They may ask huge amount of money to send you America. Hence be aware of such fraud group of peoples.

We have been listening about such incidents daily in the media. Therefore you must not give money to anyone. First know either that job demand is true or not. You can contact the US embassy about it.

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