EDV 2023 Online Application Notice !!!

EDV 2023 Online Booking

50 thousand people will get US green card via DV lottery. Now EDV 2023 Online Booking is open. About 5000 people get dv visa from this program.

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Take a short tour to know either you are eligible for the dv lottery or not. Here is online eligibility test for dv application.

EDV 2023 Online Booking

The diversity visa lottery 2023 online form is available here. So, all the eligible applicants can submit their online application from this page. Get dv lottery online application steps from the following.

Here you will find the main page of the dv lottery. in this page you have to provide all the family details. During the online application do not provide fake information. A small error in your online form makes you disqualified for the visa.

  • Check the passport details.

Since few years the principal applicant valid passport is necessary for the dv lottery application. Here you have to give the passport issue country. Similarly mention the expiration date in the online form.

  • Finally submit the online form

When you submit the online form you will receive one confirmation page. This is very important. So, if you have printer, print this page. If you do not have printer facility save this page. You need this confirmation number during the result.

When Can I Apply for Green Card 2023?

Green card 2023 lottery opens from first week of October 2021. This online dv lottery application remains open for 5 weeks. But the US embassy suggests making early application.

How do I fill my EDV form online 2023?

If you have internet facility you can fill the dv lottery form yourself. The state government suggests filling the dv lottery form yourself. It is completely free application. Hence you do not have to pay for the online application form. Similarly do not share your confirmation number to others.

Will there be dv 2023?

The diversity visa lottery 2023 is almost ready to open. Hence it is time to prepare necessary document for the online application. The most important thing is prepare your passport if you do not have.

Which countries are eligible for DV Lottery 2023?

It is the list of dv lottery eligible nations. So check the list of dv eligible nations here.

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