EDV 2021 Results Detail Information !!!

EDV 2021 Results Detail Information

EDV 2021 Results Detail Information is available. Here we provide DV Winners Name list with EDV 2021 2022 Results Detail Information.

DV 2022 Winners Name List

It is the list of diversity visa lottery 2022 winners. Check your name from this list.

EDV 2021 Results Detail Information

Millions of people in the world are now looking for the EDV 2021 result. Though the pandemic of covid 19 has reduced the desire of the people to move America but still people want to live and work USA.

8 May 2021 the DV Result Date

Yea, at the beginning the state government has given this date for the diversity visa lottery result publication. But in course of time world scenario has completely changed. Right now USA is fighting against covid 19. Not only USA most of countries in the world are in difficult situation.

Hence due to these reasons the government of USA has now changed the DV Lottery result publication date.

DV 2021 Result New Date

According to the new schedule of state of government the electronic diversity visa lottery 2021 will be published by June 6 2020.

DV Winners Name List

Here is the list of dv winners from Nepal. You know well that the state government does not publish the name list of dv winners. But it is our effort to collect the name and address of dv winners in this page.

We have been doing this for many years. Hence this year too we are working for the preparation of dv lottery winners name list with their address.

DV Lottery versus covid 19

At this moment the covid 19 infection is sky rocketing in USA. Thousands of people are being infected daily. Similarly the casualty rate is also out of medical control. Hence just looking at this situation people may not will to shift their home land. But the situation will not remain same forever.

Donald Trump Claim for Covid 19 Vaccine

By the end of 2020 America will produce the vaccine for covid 19 viruses it is the claim of the president. If there be vaccine people can live more happily in the world.  

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