EDV 2021 Result Day June 6; DV 2021 Result Day!!!

EDV 2021 Result Day June 6

EDV 2021 Result Day June 6 2020 is today. The state government has just now published the DV 2021 result.

Hence all the dv 2021 applicants can get their dv 2021 result today itself. EDV 2021 Result day is today.

The state government has published the DV Result.

EDV 2021 Result June 6

Millions are waiting for the diversity visa lottery edv result. This year dv result came just one month late than previous year. In the beginning of the dv lottery application state government was planning to publish the dv result in the first week of May 2020.

DV 2021 Winners from Nepal

Name                                      Address
Ram Kaji ThapaBaglung
Santosh KCPuthan
Bishnu GiriKaski
Kobu SharmaKathmandu
Swornim KarkiLalitpur
Hari Bahadur BudaRolpa
Shusil RaiBhojpur
Aakash YadavSarlahi
Binod ChaudharyBanke
Rijal PathakKailali
Mohan GurungLamjung
Kailash PariyarGorkha
Santa Bdr BKTanahun
Sarala NepaliBhaktapur

US Embassy Notice

DV Winners Name and Address

People are looking for the dv result in the form of Name list. Unfortunately the state government does not publish such list. It is our attempt to publish the dv results in the form of name list. Here we have prepared the name list of dv winners from Nepal.

How to check the dv result?

Many people are searching the dv 2021 result in the internet but they are not able to find the correct page for the diversity visa lottery. Hence to solve this problem here we provide the step by step process for the online dv result.

  • First of all go to the official page of dv lottery.
  • www.dvprogram.state.gov is the official website for diversity visa lottery result.
  • Enter your confirmation number in this page.
  • Fill all the personal details in the required spaces.
  • Complete the authentication code.
  • Now submit it for the result.

Well during this process if you face any problem then contact our visitor care unit. Our experts are always ready to help you.

2021 DV Result with Name and Address

DV result is now public. The applicants of this year can now get their online result just following the above steps. Beside this here we have the list of dv winners. This list gives you the name and address of dv lottery winners. We hope that this result list will give you satisfaction to check the diversity visa lottery result.

Why DV Lottery?

People are crazy for the dv lottery. Now let us discuss why people are so crazy for dv lottery. It is the fact that America is the mega economy in the world. Hence there are lots of opportunities for the people. Either it is for the job or education.  

DV lottery is one of the easiest ways to get permanent resident card in USA. Therefore people are very much interested for the diversity visa lottery. These are few examples only. There might be several other reasons for the people to live and work in America.

DV Winners Life in America

Thousands of Nepali people are already in USA under this lottery program. So far we have been in touch with these guys they are having good life over there. But the bitter truth is that you must work for your livelihood. Just like in Nepal single earning cannot support the whole family. Each grown up must generate earning there.

 Real State Price in USA

The prices of houses are similar in America like in Nepal. In so many states the price of house is lower than in major cities of Nepal. But in dense state of America like New York, California the price of real state is very high.

2021 DV Result

State government has published the dv 2021 result. Now the dv applicants who have filled the online diversity visa lottery form till 5 November 2019 can check their online result just following the normal procedure.

EDV 2021 Result

EDV 2021 result is now online. The DV applicants of the year 2021 can now get the online dv result from this page. The dv lottery online result procedure is as given above. So just follow these steps you can get the electronic diversity visa EDV online result.

DV Result 2021

The most awaited diversity visa lottery 2021 result is out now. The state government has just now published the dv lottery 2021 result. At this moment we would like to convey our best wishes to all the dv lottery applicants of the year 2021.

Once More EDV 2021 Result Day June 6 is today.

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