DV Result 2021 with Name List; DV Result 2021

DV Result 2021 with Name List

DV Result 2021 with Name List is here. The state government is ready to publish the DV Result 2021.

DV Result 2021 with Name List

Millions of people are looking for the diversity visa lottery result. DV lottery is the easiest way to get permanent resident visa for America. So due to this reason every year millions of people from the world apply for the DV lottery.

How Get the DV Winners Name and Address?

Here is the name list of edv 2021 winners from Nepal. So the applicants from Nepal can get the online result with name list from this page. The state government does not give the name list. It is our attempt to prepare the name list of dv winners from Nepal.

How to Check the Online DV Result?

Well you can get the DV result just following these steps.  Are you the new applicant for the DV lottery?  Then no matter you give you the step by step process to check online diversity visa lottery.

  • Go to the official site of state government i.e. www.dvlottery.stae,gov
  • Enter the confirmation number in the dialogue box.
  • Fill all the family details over there.
  • Give your passport number
  • Finally submit the details for the result.

Life in America                                          

American life is comfortable as well as hard. So the kids it is fine.  They get better education and opportunity over there. But for the parents it is very hard. Mainly it is not easy to get skilled job though you have American academic certificate.

The manual works are not well paid. Hence in Nepal a family can survive with the income of one family member but it is not possible in USA.

Rural Life in America

Sometime we may think that there is fullest level of development in America. But the rural life is beyond our expectation. There are many graveled road in the rural area of America. There are many people who never visit the capital city in USA.

Majority of the people in the rural area are farmers. But the farming in Nepal and America is different. People in America have thousands of Ropani land and they have commercial farming.

Diversity Visa Lottery Result

It is most awaited in Nepal. Among all the countries eligible for the dv lottery application Nepal gets the highest number of DV winners. Hence there is big craze of dv lottery in Nepal.

2020 DV Winners from Nepal

In 2020 nearly four thousand Nepalese got the DV lottery visa. They are now in the process for the visa interview.

2021 DV Result

The dv lottery result of 2021 is coming in the first week of May 2020. So till then we suggest all the dv applicants to be patient for the result. There are many fraud activities in the online media about DV lottery. Hence do not go after such fraud activities.

Fraud Activities in DV Program

Be safe from fraud activities. There are many people working in such fake work. The most important thing is only state government works for the result publication and selection for the green card. Hence there are no any other agents working for the dv lottery result.

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