Working Visa from Nepal to USA

Working Visa from Nepal to USA

Many people are searching for Working Visa from Nepal to USA. Hence we are going to provide the online application form with detail information about it.

What will you find in this article?

Working Visa from Nepal to USA

America is the dream land for most of the people in the world. Therefore it is same for Nepali citizens as well. Thousands of people are searching for the US working visa process from Nepal in the internet.

Latest Jobs in USA

There are thousands of job opportunities for the migrant workers in America. Basically if the vacancy cannot be fulfilled from the domestic market in such case companies can enroll foreigner employees.

Hence to learn about it you have checked the list of US Job Vacancy given at the end of this article.

Eligibility Test

Take a short eligibility test for the USA working visa. Only the successful candidates in this test can apply for the job in USA.

You may think that it is very hard to get work permit visa for United States. But if you have good qualification and skill it is not so difficult. Well lets discuss on some questions generally people asked about US working visa process.

How can I get working visa from Nepal to USA?

It is possible to get working visa for America from Nepal. So, for this purpose you need job offer letter from the US employer. Similarly you need petition file from your employer. If you have these two documents you can proceed for the visa.

It is obvious that you must follow the other normal procedure of the embassy for the visa.

How do you get a working visa for America?

At this moment you must be clear from above that how you can obtain the working visa for America.

If you follow the above steps then it is not hard to get work permit visa for United States of America.

How much is visa from Nepal to USA?

This visa cost is same as DS 160. You can check the tariff from the official page to US embassy Kathmandu. Everything you can do yourself hence it is not necessary to go after the agent for the visa appointment.  

How much bank balance is required for US work visa?

Bank balance is required for the students willing to study USA. But for the migrant workers there is not provision of bank balance requirement. Therefore it is not compulsory to show bank balance for this visa.

Working Visa for Foreigners in Nepal

Nepal also takes foreigner as migrant workers in Nepal. It is the matter of pride. So, we Nepali citizens move to abroad in search of job. Similarly Nepal is the destination for many migrant workers.

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