DV Entrant Status 2024 !!!

DV Entrant Status 2024

The dvprogram.state.gov gives DV Entrant Status 2024. Commonly it is also called EDV result 2024.

DV Entrant Status 2024

According to the state government EDV online result for 2024 will be public by 6th May 2023. Hence dv lottery applicants can check their online result via official page of state government. DV lottery is a unique program of America. It gives more than 50 thousand green for the dv winners from the world.

How to Check DV Lottery Entrant Status

Well it is easy. Just follow these steps to get the dv lottery online result.

  • Log in to dvprgram.state.gov
  • It is the official web page to give diversity visa lottery
  • Now provide the details as asked in the page.
  • Finally submit the details for the online result.

We are not explaining the details of the result form as dv applicant must be at least high school graduates. Hence each individual can easily fill the details in the available form.

2024 EDV Winners Name List

All of us know that the dv program does not produce the name list of dv winners. It is our attempt to collect the name list of dv winners from Nepal. Hence it is not the official result. We are just sharing the available information about dv result.

Nepal DV Result

If you look at the previous year’s dv lottery results it shows that about four thousand candidates are able to win the dv lottery. Hence this year also around 4000 Nepali people will get dv lottery.

It is simply wild guess only. The actual result may vary.

Highest Number of DV Winners Province

The provincial result of dv lottery shows that applicants from Bagmati province won the highest number of dv lottery. It is obvious. The numbers of dv applicants were highest from this province.

DV Lottery is the easiest way to get American green card. These are very lucky people.

EDV Result Date

In Nepal dv lottery online result will be published by 23 Baishek 2080. Just following the above procedure you can get the online dv result from Nepal. If you have any question about the dv lottery result then contact our expert’s team.  

Finally we would like to express our best wishes to all the dv applicants from Nepal.

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