American Green Card Lottery 2023 !!!

American Green Card Lottery 2023

About 5000 Nepali citizens are going to win the American Green Card Lottery 2023. The lottery is completely free application. It is random selection lottery.

Apply Green Card Lottery

This is completely free application. If you want to take part in green card lottery you have to submit the online form. Here are the steps for the lottery application.

  • First of all go to
  • It is the official page of green card lottery.
  • Fill all the biometric details in the lottery form.
  • The form is completely free. You do not have to pay for the lottery application.
  • State government publishes the lottery result by the first week of May every year.

Who are eligible for Green Card Lottery?

Well, take a short eligibility test here. Only the eligible candidates will be included in the lottery selection process.

List of Eligible Nations

It is the list of countries eligible to take part in the American Green Card lottery. So, before filling the lottery form find either you are eligible or not. It is easy to take the eligibility test. Just process the online test form.

American Green Card Lottery 2023

United States provides 55000, green card for the migrant every year under this lottery scheme. Now it is time for the lottery application. Here we provide all the details about the lottery.

2023 US Green Card Lottery

Green card lottery is the easiest way to get the permanent resident in America. Hence it is popular among the Asian people. Nepali people are also very much excited about this lottery. It is also known as DV lottery.

Denmark PR Lottery

Denmark also provides permanent resident card lottery. It also provides the lottery winners to live and work in Denmark. So, if you are not selected for the US Green Card you can try for Denmark Green Card Lottery.

EDV 2023 Result

Diversity visa lottery result comes in the first week of May 2021. During the dv results if you have any confusion contact us. Our team is ready to help and support to all the dv applicants.

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