All Provinces DV Results of Nepal

All Provinces DV Results

All Provinces DV Results of Nepal with winners name list is given here. Hence the EDV 2021 applicants from Nepal can get the online result from this page.

All Provinces DV Results of Nepal

There are seven provinces in Nepal. Here we are trying to prepare the DV result according to the respective province. State government does not provide the result in such format. The American government publishes the diversity visa lottery result in its official website.

So we are working to collect the name list of DV winners and categories them according to their address given in the dv application form.

Province One DV Result

There are there zones in this province. Here is the DV winners name list from province one. If you have any queries about the DV lottery send you message in the comment box below.

The detail of the DV result you can obtain from the official page of state government i.e.

Province 2 DV 2021 Result

The dv lottery applicants of province two can get their DV result from this page. Here we are trying to accumulate the dv winners name list from this province. Hence the dv applicants with permanent address in province two can check their name in the list of EDV 2021 winners.

Province Three EDV Result

DV Lottery applicants from this province can get the online result. As mentioned above the state government does not publish the name list.

DV Winners Name List

It is our attempt to prepare the name list of DV winners from Nepal according to the province. We are preparing the list to make it easier for our visitor to check the dv result.

Province Four DV 2021 Result

The state government publishes the online dv 2021 result by May 5 2020. As soon as the online DV result publishes we prepare the name list of dv winners of all provinces of Nepal.

Hence we kindly request our visitors to provide us the name list of DV winners from this province so that we can update the list of dv winners.

Province 5 EDV 2021 Result

Here is the list of DV winners from province five. Check your name from the list given below. Similarly if you have any information about dv winners from this province forward it to us so we will update our list of dv winners.

Province 6 and 7 DV Result

Finally DV applicants of these two provinces are accumulated here in one list. As the number of applicants from these is less compared to other provinces we have prepare the single list for two provinces.

At last but not the least we would like to express best wishes to the winners of all provinces DV results.

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