10 Best Schools in Nepal

10 Best Schools in Nepal

Soon after the Montessori classes are over parents have to find best school for their kids. Here we give 10 Best Schools in Nepal.

Gandaki Boarding School

GBS was established in 2023 BS with the joint effort local people, United mission to Nepal and the then government of Nepal. It lies in Pokhara lamachaur. This school has capacity of 1200 students from class 4 to 12. Students can enroll the school from class 4 and 11. The details about Gandaki Boarding School you can get from its website. It is gbs.edu.np.

Budanilakantha School

It lies in the heart of Kathmandu. The school is completely residential. BNKS foster all round education for the students. Budanilakantha school provides education for students from different class and groups. Late king Mahindra initiated the establishment of Budanilakantha School. Nepal government and the British government jointly established this school.

Malpi International School

Malpi International school lies in Panauti Kavre. It provides all round education to the students. Beside this school keeps minimum students in each class room. The school was established in 1999. More details you can get from the school’s website.

Lincoln School

It is the most expensive school in Nepal. The school provides all round education. Similarly, it claims as the oldest international school in Nepal. You can get more details about the Lincoln school from it official page. The school lies in Lincoln Marga Kathmandu.

The British School

It is United Kingdom based international school in Nepal. This TBS is providing international course for more than 40 nationalities. It is prefect international school. The school has good resource for extra activities. British School provides GCE A level course.

Shuvatara School

Shuvatara School lies in Lamatar Lalitpur. It was established in 1989. Shuvatara School is providing international level education to for last 31 years. The main feature of this school is art and sports. This school engages the students in art and sports from the very beginning of the classes.

Parameter of Classification

The above schools are categorized under different parameters. According to these criteria the classification is done.

Board Exam Results

The SEE and SLC board exam result is the key factor for the quality of the school. According to the result of these board exams we have made the ranking. It is not all official ranking of the schools. It is best of our reading. Some other research may give different results.

College Placement

The next factor for the schools ranking is the college placement of the high school graduates. Looking at this we have classified the schools. As mentioned above other researcher may give different result in this regard.

10 Best Schools in Nepal

Basically the school grading in Nepal is not perfect. Different organization and institutions make their own criteria. The most important thing you have to keep in your mind is the facility available in that institution. It there is enough resource and learning environment then that is the best for the students. Only physical infrastructure is not enough.

Beside this there must be learning environment for the students.

List of Best Schools in Nepal

There are several types of schools in Nepal. Basically they are classified in three classes. They are namely community schools, public trust schools and private schools.

Community schools are fully funded by Nepal government. Teachers working in such schools get salary and allowances from Nepal government. Similarly public trust based schools have to generate running cost themselves.

Finally the private schools are profit motive schools. The investors in such schools try to generate income from the school.

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