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Working Visa for Canada

Opportunity to live and work in Canada! Here is the official notice about Working Visa for Canada.

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There are several types of migrant visa in Canada. Today we are going to discuss on temporary working visa. Canada is going under the labors shortage. Hence government is planning to enroll foreign workers in different sectors.

Working Visa for Canada

Basically Canada takes foreign worker in two categories.

Industrial Sectors Working Visa

This visa will let to live and work in Canada. First of all you have to receive job offer letter from your employer in Canada. Similarly, the employer has to fill the petition form on behalf of employee. Read about different types of visa available in Canada at the end of this article.

Agricultural Sector Working Visa in Canada

Canada takes thousands of migrant workers in its agricultural sector. As you know Canada is one to the highest producer of wheat in the world. Hence it needs many seasonal workers in agriculture sector.

Beside this Canada provides working visa in the horticulture sector. Canada produces high volume of apple in the world. So, for this it takes large number of migrant workers.

Jobs that Need no Work Permit

There are so many jobs in Canada for the migrant workers which does not need work permit. It means people working in these sectors can directly enroll in job. Hence check the list of jobs given in this article. According to your knowledge skill and experience you can apply in any one of these jobs.

Canada Immigration

Thousands of Nepali citizens have already migrated to Canada. It the early twenty first century many Nepali migrated to Canada. At that moment it was easy for the master’s degree holders to migrate Canada.  

But now rule has changed. However you can still apply for the migration visa to Canada following the current rules.

Fast Track Canada Visa

There are several visas in the fast track. These fast track visas are given to specific group of people. Hence to know more about this fast track visa read this article till the end.

We have many articles about the online Canada application. Hence if you want to learn more about it please sees our previous articles.

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