Work Visa in Romania !!!

Work Visa in Poland

Nepali citizens can apply for Work Visa in Poland and Romania. Here we provide step by step process to apply for Romania working visa.

Apply Now

Complete your online job application form. Employer has to approved the application form. Soon after you receive the job offer letter you can apply for the visa.

Work Visa in Japan

Here is the notice for the work visa in Japan. Hence people willing to move Japan can apply for this visa.

Work Visa in Poland

Poland provides different types of working visa for non-European citizens. European citizens do not need to take working visa. Poland is the member of European Union. Hence the EU citizens do not need to take work permit.

Work Visa for Romania

Here is the vacancy announcement for Romania. It is for the Nepali citizens.

Poland Working Visa for Nepali

Here is the job offer for Nepali citizens in Poland. The details about it you can find in the file attached in it.

Types of Work Visa in Poland

There are several types of working visa for Non EU citizens willing to live and work in Poland. Here is the list of working visas for foreigners. Nepali citizens are eligible to move Poland under the working visa.

Work Permit Type A

This visa will let you to live and work in Poland. This permit is required for the foreign individual to live and work in Poland. The polish employer must submit your file for the job application. As soon as you receive the job offer letter you have to apply for the visa in the polish embassy or consulate office in your country.

Work Permit type C or E

This visa is required for the individual willing to transfer the company. It means if you are working in any company in Poland and want to change it at that moment you need this visa.

Required Documents

Following Documents are required for the foreign individuals will to live and work in Poland.

  • Completely filled application form.
  • Proof of payment of the application fee.
  • Confirmation letter for the National court of Register about the legal status of the employer
  • Current economic status of the employee.
  • A copy of the passport of the employee.
  • Employee health insurance certificate

Beside this if you want to learn more about EU working visa contact us.

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