USA Working Visa For Nepali !!!

USA Working Visa Types

There are different types of work visa for America. So, we discuss about USA Working Visa Types in details in this article.

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USA Working Visa Types

Basically there are two types of working visa. One is temporary working visa and the other is permanent working visa. You can choose the visa according to your knowledge and experience.

Which US work visa is best?

There are different types of working visa for America. There is no absolute type of work visa as perfect visa. It is relative to your work and qualification. Therefore choose that visa which is best for your knowledge.

How many types of visa are there for USA?

There are two types of working visa. Short term visa is temporary visa and long term visa is permanent visa. If you want to learn more about different types of visa you can check the official page of state government.

How can I get a working visa for USA?

You need job offer letter to apply for the working visa for USA. First of all apply for the job in America. The employer will fill I 129 form on the behalf of employee. As soon as you receive the job offer letter you can apply for the visa in the embassy.

How much bank balance is required for U.S. work visa?

Working visa does not require bank balance. But if you want to take direct green under the business visa you need 500 thousand dollar. Similarly your business must provide minimum 10 permanent job opportunity. So the individual fulfilling this condition can apply for the green card.

How long is a work visa in USA?

Temporary visa is for six months. But long term visa will be more than this. Hence it cannot be determined the tenure of the visa. Different kinds of visas are of different time period.  

How do you get a U.S. work visa without a job offer?

There might be some visas for America without job offer letter. So, learn more about it before applying for the visa. Sometime little knowledge about the visa may result visa rejection. Therefore read about it in details.

How much does a work visa cost a company?

The company employing foreign employee has to pay for the government. This amount depends on the number of employees. At the same time a company cannot heir the foreigners unless it is available in the domestic market.

It means if the labor demand is not possible to fulfill from the domestic market in such case the company can take foreigners as the employee.

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