US Work Visa Application Form !!!

US Work Visa Application Form

Are you dreaming to live and work in America? Well, just take 2 minutes time to complete this US Work Visa Application Form.

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Pay one minute to find either you are eligible for the US work visa or not. So, complete the following online form to find your eligibility for working visa to USA.

US Work Visa Application Form 

Seasonal Working Visa

America provides different types of work permit visa. Among them seasonal working visa is very common. Every year thousands of migrant workers move America under this visa.

22000 Additional Working Visa for 2021

The state government is providing twenty two thousand additional working visas for the foreigners. Basically this is for the seasonal workers. There is sort of labor in different sectors. Like there is high demand of migrant workers in agriculture sector.

How to Apply for Working Visa?

Here are the steps for the working visa online application.

  • You need the job offer letter from your employer in USA.
  • The employer is responsible to fill I 129 form on behalf of the employee.
  • Now together with this job offer letter you have to apply for the visa in the American embassy of your country.

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How do I apply for a US work visa?

As mentioned above you need the job appointment letter from your employer. Now together with this letter you can apply for the visa in the embassy of your country. Most of the things are common as of other kinds of US visa.

What is the DS 230 form?

It is the form you have to fill before apply for the visa interview. As soon as you complete DS 230 form you will get the visa interview appointment date. On that date and time you have to go to the embassy for the interview.

Can we apply for work visa in USA?

Yea, you can apply for the work visa in USA. But we suggest you guys to take the eligibility test before apply for the visa. If you find yourself eligible for the work visa then only it will be fine to apply for the work visa.

How much is US visa fee in India today?

The visa fee for US is different for different countries. Looking at the chart of visa fee it seems that the cost is in increasing order according to the development level of the country. It means the application for the developed countries is more than the developing countries.

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