USA Work Visa Job for Nepali !!!

USA Job for Nepali with Sponsorship

This year the state government is going to provide 20 thousand work permit job for foreigners. Here is complete guide on USA Job for Nepali with Sponsorship.

Free Online Application

The job application form is free. Just fill the online job application form via any official job sites and submit it. However, you have to create your job application account in these sites.

USA Job for Nepali with Sponsorship

Upload your documents with cover letter. If your knowledge and skills meet the requirements of the foreign workers then the employer will send you the email talking about to know your interest on this job.

Highest Paying Jobs for Migrant Workers

The department of labor in United States of America will let the US employer to enroll the migrant workers if and only if the demand cannot be fulfilled from the domestic market. Hence, they must fill the petition file on behalf of the migrant worker to USCIS.

When the employers get the approval letter from department of labor then only, they can hire the foreign workers.

  • Construction workers
  • Cleaners
  • Cook
  • Kitchen helpers
  • Waiters
  • Cashiers
  • IT technicians

Seasonal Working Visa Job

The US government calls for the migrant workers seasonal working visa. This visa will let the immigrants to live and work in USA for six months. This is one time visa. It means the same people cannot go to USA under the seasonal working visa.

In 2023 the state government is going to enroll more than 35 thousand migrant workers in its agriculture sector. The interested Nepali youths can submit the free application form.

Learn more about the American seasonal working visa jobs from out previous articles.

Who Can Apply for US Work Permit Jobs?

Only the eligible people can apply for the work permit job. Take a short eligibility tour to know either you are eligible for the work permit job or not. There are several factors that determine your US work permit job eligibility.

Factory Job in USA

America is under going the labor shortage. Hence the government is flexible for the migrant workers. The private sectors can call vacancy for foreigners if the vacancy cannot be fulfilled from domestic labor market.

USA Farm Job

America has large farms. Very few people work in agriculture sectors. Still the American agriculture products is more that enough for the nation. Hence the state government exports major agriculture products. The land area of the country is large.

Therefore, there are huge agriculture farms in USA. These farms need large number of workers. As it cannot be fulfilled from the internal labor market government is compelled to hire foreigners.

How to find Jobs in USA for Nepalese Students?

Even though you are the scholarship students still you need job. Your scholarship does not cover the living cost. Hence all the foreign students need job in USA. So, if you are studying under scholarship program you need to cover your living expenditure yourself.

Here is a guide to find the part time job for the foreign students living in USA.

Top Jobs for International Students in USA

The best jobs for international students in United States of America are:

Web Developer

There is great scope of web developers in USA. Basically, the software engineers work on it. Skilled professionals of IT sectors get good salary and allowances in America.

Software Developers

The software developers design and prepare different computer software. The US software industry is highly dependent on migrant professionals. So, if you are thinking to study USA software engineering can be the best option.

Nursing Jobs

Nursing personals are in demand in America. They are well paid as well. So, if you have the nursing certificate of USA then you will get handsome jobs.

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