10000 US Vacancy in Agriculture !!!

15 Best Jobs for Nepali in USA

America is the dream destination for immigrant workers all over the world. Here is list of 15 Best Jobs for Nepali in USA.

Online Job Application

 If you have the basic knowledge of computer and internet then you can do most of the job application work yourself. There are several job sites for the online job application to USA. So first of all, create your job application account in one of the job sites. Now your journey to USA begins from here.

Apply Now

Take a moment to know either you are eligible for the work permit job in USA or not. Only the eligible people can apply for the vacant post in USA. All this process is free of cost you do not have to pay for online application form.

15 Best Jobs for Nepali in USA

The most important part for the jobs in USA is to choose the visa category. There are several types of visas that will let you to live and work in USA. So you have to choose the visa according to your knowledge and experience.

We have separate article on the topic list of visa category to live and work in USA. Hence you can read in details about it from our previous article.

  • Construction workers
  • Kitchen helpers
  • Drivers
  • Cleaners
  • Cashiers in departmental stores
  • Jobs in gas stations
  • Plumbers’ helpers

How to submit the online job application form?

  • Create your job application account in one of the official job sites
  • Submit all the documents with CV in your job account
  • If your documents match with the vacancy for foreigners then your employer will inform you about it.
  • The employer will fill the petition file on behalf of you to the USCIS office
  • When USCIS approve the petition then employer will send you the offer letter
  • Now you have to approach the US embassy in Kathmandu for the visa

Common Jobs for Migrant Workers in USA

The United States of America is undergoing the shortage of unskilled workers. Hence every year US government permit private sector to hire the foreigners in their organization. However, the employer must give the enough proof to the government that the demand was not able to be fulfilled from the domestic market.

Unskilled Workers Demand in USA

Under the category unskilled workers migrant workers can live and work in USA. But such immigrants must meet the required condition prescribed by department of labor.

How to Apply for Unskilled US Jobs?

You can find the details about it from our previous article. We have discussed in length about it in our previous articles. Hence, we are going to repeat the same over here.

Fraud Activities

Always be safe from fraud activities. Never pay money for such group of people. Basically, finding jobs in USA is in online mode. There are no any agents or manpower companies to enroll jobs in USA.

Gbsnote.com is not the manpower company or any agent to send people in America. Therefore, do not ask for the job enrollment to us. We just share the information about abroad jobs. It is the duty and obligation of the individual to find more about it. You must have enough study before moving to abroad.

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