US Working Visa from Nepal !!!

US Working Visa from Nepal

Are you looking for US Working Visa from Nepal? Well, you are in correct destination. Here we give details for American working visa.

22000 Working Visa for USA

United States is going to take 22 thousand additional seasonal workers for the fiscal year 2021. Hence interested can apply for this working visa.

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You can take your eligibility test for the working visa. So, take a short tour to find either you are eligible or not for this visa.

US Working Visa from Nepal

America provides working visa for foreigners. Basically, seasonal workers are eligible for the working visa in USA. This year America is going to take 22 thousand additional workers for seasonal work.

Can Nepali work in USA?

There are different types of visa for Nepali willing to live and work in USA. So, if you want learn more about different types visa for migrant workers please check our previous articles. Here we are not going to repeat the same content.

How do you get a working visa for America?

The migrant workers need the job offer letters from the US employer before apply for the visa. The America based company must take the approval from the government to employ the foreign workers.

The foreign workers have to apply in their respective country American embassy for the visa with this job offer letter.

How do I get a work visa for USA?

Here are the steps to get work visa for USA.

  • Receive the job offer letter from your employer.
  • Attach this job offer letter with your other documents while applying the visa.
  • During this process you have to fill I 125.
  • Attach the payment receipt original copy.

Can I get a work visa for USA now?

Due to corona virus pandemic the visa process was paused for some time. But now it is smooth. Hence fulfilling the above procedure, you can apply for the work visa.

If you have any question you can contact us.

Is Nepali eligible for US working?

Yes, Nepali are eligible for US working visa but conditions are applied. Only the individuals fulfilling the required norms can apply for the working visa in America. If you want to learn more about it, please check our previous articles.

Is US visa stamping open in Nepal?

The American embassy Kathmandu Nepal was closed for long time due to corona virus pandemic. But now the operation is normal. Hence interested people can visit the embassy for their business.

How much is visa from Nepal to USA?

The visa cost is different for different types of visa. Like if you are applying for DS 160 visa it is nearly 200 American dollars. So, the cost varies with the categories of the visa.

We have separate article about it in our hence check our previous articles for more information about it.

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