US Working Visa for FY 2022 !!!

US Working Visa for FY 2022

The United States labor department provides working visa for eligible migrant workers. So, here give detail information about US Working Visa for FY 2022.

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Take an eligibility test for US Work permit. It takes just few minutes. Hence do not ignore it. First let us learn who are eligible for this visa.

US Working Visa for FY 2022

There is shortage of labor in USA. Therefore to fulfill this gap state government allow the private sector to enroll migrant workers in their organization. There is demand of migrant workers both in industrial as well as agricultural sectors.

Is working visa Open in USA?

American government is planning to issue working visa for citizens of the covid badly affected nations. The detail about it is yet to come. So when the American congresses pass this bill from the cabinet then it will come in action.

How long is the processing of working visa in USA?

It depends upon your employer in USA. It is because you are not eligible to submit the petition file. The employer on behalf of the employee has to submit it to the labor department for the final approval.

Who is eligible for H2B visa?

You need to meet this criterion for the working visa application. So go through these points carefully.

  • You can apply for temporary working visa once in your life time.
  • It is for six months only.
  • You cannot extend this temporary working visa.

Who is eligible for Green Card?

There are several criteria to get Green Card. Hence if you meet one of these requirements then you can apply for the green card.

  • Asylum of any eligible nations.
  • DV lottery winners.
  • Dependent green card from spouse or parents.

Can I get married on a H2B visa?

Well this visa holder can get married in USA. If the spouse is green card holder then you can get green card easily.

How long can you stay on a H2B visa?

You can learn more about different types of US visa in our previous articles. Hence you suggest all the interested to go through our previous articles about it.

How much does H-2B cost?

The application cost of the US visa is available in the official page of US embassy Kathmandu. Hence check the cost of H2B visa over there.

Can H-2B lead to green card?

If you have other supportive documents in this case you may be eligible for the green card application. We will give the green card application in our next article. Hence remain in touch with us.

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