Primary Level Geometry Teaching Methods

Primary Level Geometry Teaching Methods

Here we discuss about Primary Level Geometry Teaching Methods. This Primary Level Geometry Teaching Methods helps TSC candidates.

Primary Level Geometry Teaching Methods

Geometry is a branch of Mathematics. So here we give few tips for teaching geometry is primary level. Basically geometry deals with points and line. Therefore here we first discuss on lines and points.

Some Questions about Teaching Geometry in Primary Level

  1. How can you give the concept of angle for class 4 students? Present an activity.
  2. Present an activity to teach types of triangles for class 4 student.
  3. Explain the general use of the instruments in the geometry box to the junior students.
  4. How can you erase the confusion of the students that they say 60 degree and 120 degree and vice-versa?

Difference between Line and Line Segment

Line can be extended on both sides so it has no fixed length whereas line segment is the part of line. Hence line segment has fixed length.

Types of Angles According to Angles

According to the angle there are four types of angles. They are acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle and reflex angle. Here students must get clear cut concept on types of angles on the basis of angles.

Types of Triangles According to Sides

There are three types of triangles according to sides. These three triangles are scalene triangle, isosceles triangle and equilateral triangle.

How to Teach Types of Triangles?

Well while teaching types of triangles teacher can give the chart paper piece and scissor to cut it in different shape triangles. So for this purpose teachers have to give instruction while cutting the papers.

Such type of students centered teaching help to develop good concept in mathematics. So be in touch with us for TSC Questions.

Challenges in Primary Level Geometry Teaching

Teaching mathematics is a global challenge. In this connection teaching geometry in primary level is more challenging. Hence teacher must use teaching materials to give the mathematical concept in junior level. The rot learning is not good for geometry.

Primary Level Geometry Teaching

Primary Level Geometry Teaching Methods must consist of teaching materials. While discussing about the teaching material we can use locally available materials.

Like different size wrapping cartons can be used to give the concept of cuboid. Piece of bamboo is in the shape of cylinder. Similarly teacher can ask the students to collect different shape objects available in their locality.

Concept of Geometry in Junior Level

Primary Level Geometry Teaching Methods gives idea about the Geometry. So the TSC Nepal primary level teacher candidates can use it for the exam preparation.

More than this we have hundreds of article for teacher service commission Nepal written exam. Hence we suggest all the candidates to use it for the exam preparation.

Mathematics Subjective Questions for Primary Level

Well in this topic we have separate article in our website. So if you are new in our web portal do not miss this article. There we have discussed the subjective questions in length.

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