Nepal DV Lottery Result !!!

Nepal DV Lottery Result

State government has published diversity visa lottery result. Here we have Nepal DV Lottery Result.

Nepal DV Lottery Result

Are you looking for the dv lottery result? Well, here you can find the list of dv winners from Nepal. No matter where you are, get the dv lottery result within one single click.

DV Winners from Nepal

Every year around four thousand people get dv lottery from Nepal. The number of migrant citizens from Nepal is very low in USA. Hence it provides very good number for this diversity visa lottery.   

EDV 2023 Result

The state government publishes the diversity visa lottery result via its official page. Here we have the step by step process to get online DV Result.

EDV Result with Name List

All of us know that the state government does not publish the list of dv winners. However it is our attempt to provide the name list dv winners from Nepal. We are collecting this information from different sources.

On the top of this we make daily update of this article.

EDV 2023 Result

The US government publishes the 2023 dv lottery result by the second week of May 2022. As soon as the result is out we will notify our visitors via our official social media page.

We have been doing this for many years.

Hence if you have any question about dv lottery leaves it in the comment box below. Our experts will reply it within one working day.

EDV 2022 Result

The dv lottery winners of 2022 are in process of visa interview. We have the list of dv winners in our early articles.

US Work Permit Visa

There are many kinds of working visa for United States. It is not as harder as you think to live and work in America. Just get the complete knowledge about types of working visa in USA before applying for the job in USA.

Who can go for Working in USA?

Skilled as well as unskilled people can move America for work permit visa. More details about it you can get from our previous articles. We have given step by step process for the US working visa.

Seasonal Working Visa in USA

There is shortage of labors in America during the harvest season. At this moment the government calls for the work permit visa from different countries. These visa holders can live and work in USA for six months.

This is one time visa. Once you got this visa for USA you can repeat it. It means seasonal working visa is once in your life.

Industrial working Visa for America

If America based company cannot fulfill the vacancy from the American labor market then they can take the foreign workers. Basically skilled workers get opportunity for this visa.

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