NEB Class Eleven Result Published

NEB Class Eleven Result Published

NEB Class Eleven Result is out by today. So you can easily download the NEB Class Eleven Result from this page. Check grade 11 result online here.

According to the information circular national examination board the result will be publish by the first week of Mangsir. Thousands of students are waiting for NEB Class Eleven Result. This year the grade eleven time tables were changed several times. The next interesting thing about this grade 11 batch is that when they were in class ten there was massive earth quake in Nepal.

Gorkha Earth Quake Batch

So in one sense this grade 11 batch is earth quake batch. There were lots of disturbances when they were in grade 10. Similarly this year grade 11 batch faced trouble during their board exam.

How to Check NEB Class Eleven Result?

There are several ways to find the online grade 11 result. So the official site of national examination board publishes the result in its website. Hence you can check the grade 11 result in this site. Similarly Nepal telecom is the next hub for the national examination board. Therefore if NEB site is not working you can log on to Nepal Telecom website.

IVR Service for NEB Class Eleven Results

There are several articles about the National examination board result in our site. There we have step by step process to find the grade 11 result. So if you are first visitor in our site we suggest you to check our previous articles about the national examination board exam result.

Online Grade 11 Result with Mark Sheet

Step by Step Process to Check grade 11 Result Online

We have already mentioned about our previous articles. So in these articles we have all the details about the step by step process to find the online result.

Finally we would like to express the very best wishes for your result. Similarly do not miss our page where we have more than 400 articles here. You find verities of articles in our website.

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