How to Make Free Call in UAE?

How to Make Free Call in UAE

During this covid 19 pandemic people want to be in touch with their loved ones. So here we are going to talk about, how to Make Free Call in UAE?

How to Make Free Call in UAE?

There is very rare chance to make free call in United Arab Emirates. So here we give few mobile applications which you can use to make free audio and video call in UAE. Well without any delay let us talk about them one by one.

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It is popular mobile application for making free video and audio call around the world. Basically it is used for distance calling. This app is free around the world however it is paid in UAE. But it is cheap and economic to make call to your loved one during this pandemic situation. Similarly, there are many special offers for the users in UAE.


In the past people can not use this Zoom mobile app in UAE. But during this crisis it is now open. Hence using this free application, you can make call in United Arab Emirates and rest of the world. Basically this app is for group conference and meeting. Now days it is being used to run online virtual classes in the world.

Google Hangout

This is the next popular app for audio and video calling in the world. This application was also banned in UAE. But now it is allowed to use. So using this application you can make call abroad to talk with your family and friends. At the same time, it is being used for online virtual class as well.


Now people can use Voico for free in UAE. Hence you can download this application in your mobile for free calling. In previous days it was not available in United Arab Emirates. Now you can make free call around the world using this app.  

The service provider has released the free video calling option from UAE using this mobile application.

Microsoft Teams

This is online video calling platform. It is most used in business and meeting as well as virtual conference in the world. It has many special features. Microsoft has made it free around the world during this uneven situation. So people living in UAE can enjoy this application to make free video call to their nearest and dearest ones.


This VoIP is used all over the world. However, this skype is banned for personal and business use in UAE. But now it is made free for business. It means personal use of skype is still not available in UAE.

WhatsApp Calling

 This is the next popular app for making call all over the world. Hence you can download this application in your mobile phone to make call around the world.

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