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Foreign Employment Department Nepal Notice and Information

We provide Foreign Employment Department Nepal Notice and information in this page. Here we update all kinds of notices and information of DOFE Nepal.

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Israel is going to take 2500 Nepali Workers

In this process Nepal government coordinates to send the workers in Israel via government level.

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Foreign Employment Department Nepal Notice

Foreign employment department manages all kinds of activities related to the foreign employment. Hence to get the timely update about the foreign employments remain in touch with official page of Nepal government.

It is not the government page. However we provide all the government urgent notices as it is and as early as possible.

Urgent Notice of DOFE Nepal

Here is the urgent notice of foreign employment department. It is all about the labour approval in different countries. All the migrant workers must take the working permission for the government before heading to the working country. Otherwise government will not be responsible for any kind and support and rescue in case of unfavorable situation.

Workers Approval Letter

It is compulsory to take the working approval letter for the government before going to the foreign employment. It is the official record for the country. Such approval letters record is a valuable statistical record for the country.

Different Embassy Notices

Migrant workers in different countries must see the embassy notices regularly. Hence to provide such notices easily we are working here. So in this page we give the urgent notices of different Nepali embassies. Therefore we can follow us in social media for the timely updates of embassies notice.

Nepali Embassy in Malaysia Notices

In this category we update all the notices related to the Malaysia. Similarly we provide the notices and information given by Nepali embassy in Malaysia.

Nepali Embassy in Qatar Doha

Qatar is the top Nepali migrant workers destination. More than two millions Nepali workers are working in Qatar. Most of them they do not have ideas to check the embassy website hence by the social media we provide such important notices. It is our attempt to make all the Nepali workers in abroad familiar with embassy notice.

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Embassy of Nepal in UAE

United Arab Emirates is the next highest Nepali migrant workers land. So we give all the notices published by Nepali embassy UAE in this page. We share this article in the social media. Hence we kindly request all the social media users to share such important notices to their friends and relatives.

Contact Details of Department in Nepal is:

Toll Free Number; 16600109999 / 01-4782621


Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Similarly you get the notices of following embassies in this article.

  • Nepali Embassy Saudi Arabia
  • Embassy of Nepal in Kuwait
  • Nepali Embassy in India
  • Embassy of Nepal in United Kingdom
  • Nepali Embassy in America
  • Embassy of Nepal in Japan
  • Nepali Embassy France

Finally wish you all very safe journey.

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