Challenges of Foreign Employment in Nepal

foreign employment challenges

Here we discuss in length about foreign employment challenges. These foreign employment challenges are deepening day by day. Nepalese economy is based on remittance. The only backbone of the Nepalese economy is foreign employment. The main energetic groups of people are working in gulf countries. Some others are working in the rest part of the world.

Facilities Given by Nepal Government for Abroad Employee 

Expenditure Habit of Nepali People

Due to in flow of remittance in Nepal the purchasing power of Nepali people is growing. We can directly feel it as the demand of luxurious goods is sky rocketing day by day. If the labour market in the gulf country does not remain the same how we can manage the income expenditure in Nepal.

Expenditure on daily consumption

The remittance gain by the family of Nepali working in abroad is not being utilized in the productive sector. Majority faction of the income thus gained is used for daily consumption. They are attracted towards the fancy items. Like the use of expensive mobile phone and television.

Disturbance in the family structure

The one of most important foreign employment challenges is the disturbance in family structure. In recent days there are several incidents where husbands are registering the case of wife missing in police offices. As there is no hard and fast rule in case of second marriage of wife, most of the people are being bankrupt.

Basically males are in abroad job and their wives are in Nepal. When these husbands send their earning to their family they are found missing with their saplings and properties. So in such case males are found really in miserable condition.

Foreign employment Challenges

On the other hand when females are in abroad jobs the condition of her husband in Nepal is same as mentioned above. The husbands are found getting married with next women and the kids are really in miserable condition. Once we have gone through an incident that when the lady came back from Israel her husband was with next women. Both of them chase the first women who really worked hard to generate the earning for the family.

So it is now time to think. How can we make the foreign fruitful? How to manage the family of the Nepali workers in abroad?

Finally the next part is to utilize the remittance in productive sectors. There are some steps made by the government in this area. However they are not complete. Some more has to be done in this area.

All of us know that Nepali economy is remittance based. It is not sure that the situation always remains in our favor.  When there is disturbance in the demand of Nepali employee in these countries, how to manage our economy?

These are the burning issue we have to think for the healthy future of Nepali economy. There must be some master plan to reduce the interest of Nepal youth for foreign employment.

What if there is no demand of Nepali worker in the international labor market

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