English Language in Nepal

english language

Importance of English language in Nepal
In this divided world, humans oppose each other on various terms. They have different opinions and follows different styles. They are from different regions and speak different languages. When people speak different languages it is not possible to have unity among the people.

If one person goes to another country then it is not possible for him/her to communicate with the folks there. In such condition if there were a common language then all would share ideas and work together in the development of the world. In order to fulfill the need for having an international language English is put forward. Because of this many people now can exchange their ideas.

The British ruled over India for nearly two hundred years. During the British regime English flourished all over the country of India and also in Nepal. Although Nepal had all along been an independent kingdom. English entered Nepal as it is next to India. Then is became its lingua franca. Although our constitution formed in 1960 did away with English. It is now-a-days making a gradual and steady progress. More people are inclined towards getting educated because of the introduction of English in schools.

English language

Being the lingua franca of the world, English has got supremacy everywhere. In our country Nepal, as well English is an important language. It is accepted by the constitution and is introduced in institution of all standards. A vast increase has been made in the number of pupils in English medium schools. English is the language that is spoken by more than 4.5 million people. It is the language which is used more often than others in the U.N.O.

English has great importance and scope in a country like Nepal. Although, Nepal is full of snow covering sights they are inaccessible. If they are utilized then we can attract tourists. But for handling tourist we need to have a good command of English. Thus, English can also help to create job opportunities.

Although god has been kind enough to bestow natural resources upon Nepal, it is a poor country and needs to do much to catch up with developed ones and keep up with them. For this it is most essential to have mastery over English so that we can deal with other countries.

At the end though China, Japan other many countries are able to produce all kinds of universities level studies in their own mother tongue. We Nepali people have not got those opportunities. It is the only way to improve the knowledge of English language for higher study both inside and outside the nation.

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