EDV Winners Name and Address

EDV Winners Name and Address

Millions are looking for EDV result. Here we have EDV Winners Name and address. Check your name from the dv lottery aau winners name list given at the end of the page.

EDV Winners Name and Address

It is the list of diversity visa lottery winners from Nepal. DV lottery is the easiest way to get green card that is permanent resident card in USA. Therefore people from Nepal are interested for DV lottery.  

DV Lottery Winners Name List

About four thousand people from Nepal won dv lottery 2024. This year there was no provision of passport to apply dv lottery hence in comparison to the previous year there were more applicants this year.

List of DV Winners from Nepal

The state government does not publish the DV lottery winners name list. It is our personal attempt to prepare the name list of dv winners from Nepal. The DV lottery application centers publish the name and address of dv winners from their centers. The name list of dv winners of fiscal year 2024 is at the end of this article.

NB: EDV 2024 Result Comes on First Week of May 2023

EDV Result Nepal

The dv lottery online result is available at dvprogram.state.gov. Hence you can check your dv lottery online result via this official page. There is no any other way to get EDV result. Just follow these steps to get online dv result.

  • Go to dvprogram.state.gov
  • Enter your confirmation in the result page
  • Give your personal details as required
  • Finally submit the details to get online dv lottery result.

DV Winners from UAE

Millions of Nepali citizens live and work in United Arab Emirates. According to the dv lottery rules they can apply dv lottery form UAE itself. Hence it is the result dv lottery applicants from UAE.

Beside dv lottery you can apply for working visa in USA. It is the next alternative to live and work in America. Here is the complete information about apply working visa for America.

How to Apply Working Visa Job for USA

It is possible to get working visa for USA. The United States of America gives seasonal working visa in both industrial and agriculture sectors. Just check gbsnote.com for all the details about working visa job for America.

Seasonal Working Visa in America

America is undergoing labor shortage. Therefore to fulfill the demand of labors state government allows the private companies to hire foreigners in their companies.

If you are willing to live and work in USA then just check our previous articles to learn all the application process.

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