2023 USA Working Visa Jobs !!!

Working in the United States

Many people dream about Working in the United States. This page provides you the different kinds of immigrant and non-immigrant working visa application process in details.

Sign Up for Online Application

Complete this online job application portal for USA working visa job. It is help you to find multiple jobs and make online application in these vacancies.

Earn More than US $ 3000 Per Month

Different jobs are paid different salary. Here we have jobs and their remunerations.

Just follow the link to get the details information about working visa that you want to apply for USA.

Apply for Petition to get Work Permit Visa

A common way to live and work in United States of America is to get work permit visa. So to get the working visa in USA your employer need to submit petition file on behalf of you. This a formal document of the department of labor of USA to hire foreigner to the US based companies.

Apply Now

Take a short eligibility test to know either you are eligible for the jobs in USA. Only the eligible candidates can proceed ahead for the working visa.

Working in the United States

United States is the best remuneration paying country for the labors. Hence people from the world desire to live and work in America. It is same for Nepali citizens. Hence interested candidates can choose the most appropriate visa before applying for the visa interview date.

Temporary Working Visa Description Page

This page will provide you the information about temporary working visa. Temporary working visas are like seasonal working visa. The state government provides seasonal working visa both in agriculture and industrial sectors.

Hence you can choose the type according to your interest and work experience. Basically in the agriculture sector there is no need of lots of work experience. Such seasonal visas are one time visa. Once you worked in USA under this visa you are not allowed to apply the same visa in your life time.

Permanent Workers Visa

If you have the combination of qualification, work experience and skill you might be eligible to apply for the immigrant work based employment visa. Permanent workers visa web page gives you the different types of work that let you to live and work in USA.

Students and Exchange Visitors

Full time students or vocational training students might be eligible to apply for US visa. However you must fulfill the minimum requirement for such visas as well.

Temporary Visitors for Business

If you want to visit America under temporary visitors for business you can apply for this visa. The details you can get from the link. This type of visa applicants must meet the state government visa requirements.

International Entrepreneur Visitors Visa

This visa is for the international level entrepreneur. Basically the visitor must be beneficial for the United States of America. You can read the detail information about different kinds of US visa and their requirements in gbsntoe.com.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

It gives you all kinds of working visa application process. Similarly this page provides you the types of working visa for individual having different kinds of skill, education and experiences.  

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