EDV Result of Nepal

EDV Result of Nepal

Here is the EDV Result of Nepal for this year. In the current fiscal year about five thousand people won the diversity visa lottery from Nepal.

DV Result

DV Winners from Nepal

Just follow the above link to get the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal. All of us know that state government does not produce the list of dv winners. But it is our effort to collect the name and address of dv lottery winners from Nepal.

EDV Result of Nepal

The dv program does not separate the dv lottery result country wise we are doing this ourself. We have been collecting the dv winners name and address from several helping agents to fill the dv lottery online form. Basically, these supporting individuals and institutions give the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal.

EDV Result 2023

DV lottery 2023 winners are in progress to move America. Most of them have already completed the visa interview. Now they are almost ready to take flight to USA. Well, it is now time to talk about the life in USA.

Well United States of America is well developed country. There are several job opportunities. But if you do not have skill in a particular area then it might be hard for you to get comfortable jobs. The university qualification of Nepal does not work there for the skilled job. You must have at least one vocational type of training and experience. 

Common Jobs for Nepali in USA

The most common jobs for the migrant Nepali citizens is the business run by Indian people. The American employer does not easily trust the migrant Nepali individuals. Hence the early jobs for the dv lottery winners Nepali in America are the Indian departmental stores and restaurants.

DV Result 2024

The state government and department of dv program publish the dv lottery 2024 result by the first week of May 2023. This online result will be available in the server of the dv program till the end of September 2023.

EDV 2025 Application

The online application of edv 2025 begins from the first week of October 2023. It is completely the online application. You cannot submit the hard copy of dv lottery application. It has been many years. No one can submit the hard copy of dv lottery application now.

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