EDV 2022 Winners Photos

EDV 2022 Winners Photos

Here is EDV 2022 Winners Photos with name and address. So it is comfortable to check the DV result via this page.

Read the article completely to get the list of dv winners. We have the dv lottery name and address with their photographs at the end of this article.

EDV 2022 Winners Photos

State government has published the DV result. This year around 4 thousand people from Nepal won the lottery. Check the dv winners name list at the end of this article.  The state government does not prepare the DV winners name list. It is our attempt to prepare the list of DV 2022 winners.

DV 2022 Final Result

The final result of dv lottery 2022 is out now. This year 55000 people from the world got the dv lottery. Among them around 4000 Nepali people won the lottery. Here is the list of dv winners from Nepal. If you are looking for the dv result you are in correct place.

DV Lottery History in Nepal

The history of DV lottery is old in Nepal. In the early days people have to submit the DV lottery form via post office. At that time people have to fill the DV form in hard copy. This form they used to send USA by means of air mail. But now dv lottery is in digital form.

The hand written application form is not accepted now.

DV Winners Life in America

We are providing the diversity visa lottery news and information for many years. Similarly we are in contact with many DV winners Nepali. Different people has different version about American life. Some of them tell that they are very happy in USA while some of them are not fully satisfied.

Green Card versus Citizenship in USA

Green is permanent resident card in America. This does not provide you all the facilities of citizenship. Like if you have citizenship then you will travel the world using American passport. At the same time you will get voting right if you have citizenship.

Similarly the green card must be renewed every five years but citizenship is permanent.

If you have any question about the dv lottery send your question to us. just leave your question in the comment box below.

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