DV Lottery Result from America

DV Lottery Result from America

Here is DV Lottery Result from America. You can find the online dv lottery result from this page. Nearly four thousand candidates won dv lottery this year.

DV Result with Name List

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. Check your name from this list. The complete name list of dv winners is at the end of this article.

DV Lottery Result from America

United States of America publish DV lottery online result. The official page for the dv lottery is dvprogram.state.gov. It is easy to get the diversity visa lottery result from this web page. Just follow these steps to get the online EDV Lottery result.

DV Winners Name and Address

The early result of dv lottery for this fiscal year is like this. We will update this dv winner’s name list weekly. Hence remain with us for the updates of EDV result.  

1Haribol BhattraiKathmanduNot selected
2Subash GurungLamjungSelected
3Sony PunMyagdiSelected
4Nepal Bhakta KhanalKaskiNot selected
5Ram Krishna KarkiBhojpurNot selected
6Shanti SharmaJhapaSelected
7Sukraj AdhikariLalitpurSelected
8Binod ThapaKhotangSelected
9Bishnu SubediBaglungNot selected
10Sita RaiSunsariNot selected
11Deepa TamangBhaktapurSelected
12Utsavi ShresthaDangSelected

Is DV Lottery 2024 Out

Result will be published starting from May 6 2023 through 30 September 2023. The result will be available at gbsnote.com. You can easily check the online dv program result from the above US government page.  

DV Winners Name and Address

As you know that the state government does not publish the name list of dv lottery winners. But it is our attempt to collect the name list of US dv winners. We are collecting this list from various sources. Similarly we update this list instantly.

2024 DV Result

The state government and department of foreign affairs are responsible for the dv result. It is completely computer based random selection process. Hence there is no human influence in the dv result. The previous year’s dv lottery shows that two candidates from the same family are able to win dv lottery.

EDV Winners Name List

EDV lottery result is out now. Hence the dv lottery candidates can check their result from the dv winners name list give at the end of this article.

4000 Nepali citizens won DV lottery 2024. The early available dv winners name and address is given at the beginning of this article.

Finally we would to express our best wishes to all the dv lottery winners from Nepal.

Wish you all best of luck for your stay in America.

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