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Canada Work Permit Visa from Nepal

Welcome to the abroad job information page. Are you thinking of Canada Work Permit Visa from Nepal?

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Canada Work Permit Visa from Nepal

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Canada is going to provide large number of work permit visa for the foreigners in this fiscal year. Hence if you are willing to work in Canada then this can be the best opportunity for you.

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It gives you the list of available vacancies all over Canada. The official web page of job bank is

Important Points for Canada Migrant Workers

Do not skip the article. If you are really thinking to live and work in Canada then this information page will be very much useful.

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This article focuses on the following points.

  • Who can apply for Canada Working Visa Job?
  • How to submit the online job application in Canada?
  • Most in demand jobs in Canada.
  • Documents required for the work Permit Job in Canada  

Well you are in the correct destination. Here we provide detail job application procedure for working visa job from Nepal.  

Canada Work Permit Visa from Nepal

All of us know that Canada is a mega economy in the world. Hence there is demand of migrant workers in Canada. On the top of this the population growth rate of Canada is below 1 %.

Labour Shortage in Canada

Canada is facing acute shortage of labors. Similarly there is vacancy for migrant drivers. Heavy vehicles drivers are well paid in Canada. Beside this we will be talking about other in demand professions in Canada.

Health Care and Social Assistance – 109,750 Vacancies

There are more than 100000 vacancies in this sector for foreigners. Hence if you find yourself eligible in this sector then apply online via official jobs sites of Canada. There are several official job sites to assist the foreigners willing to live and work in Canada. We will provide the list of jobs sites at the end of this article.

Accommodation and Food Service- 109,100 Vacancies

Canada has opened such large number of vacancies for both Canadians as well as foreigners. This sector includes workers in tourism and hospitality. Hence workers may be established in Hotels, restaurants and other recreational parks and campground.

There are many top touristic destinations in Canada. If you dream of going to work in Canada then check out the official job sites page. They provide the entire available jobs list in their page.

Construction – 72,600 Vacancies

In this occupation the employees are focused on building, repairing, renovating the structures. Hence construction sector calls for both skilled as well as unskilled workers. The national occupation classification determines which jobs are skilled and which are unskilled.

Skilled Refugees in Canada

Skilled migrant workers can now apply for this category for permanent residency. Canada has recently implemented this new provision on skilled refugees.

Some skilled jobs are eligible for the permanent residency in Canada. Learn more about it for the website of Canadian government.

If you have any question about the foreign employment then sends it to us. Our experts’ team will give you support and counseling to find the best option in your desire destination.

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