2024 DV Lottery Result !!!

American DV Lottery Result

The United States government has published the American DV Lottery Result. You can check EDV 2024 result with name list in this article.

4000 Won DV Lottery from Nepal

According to the early analysis of the dv lottery result roughly it seems that about four thousand people won the lottery from Nepal. The detail about it is yet to come.

American DV Lottery Result

According to the American Administration the result will be public by 6th May 2023. In Nepal the diversity visa lottery will be out by 9:45 pm toady. EDV Winners name list with name and address we will prepare in our next article. In this page we provide the online steps to check the EDV lottery result 2024.

EDV Winners Name and Address

The state government publishes the list of dv winners little bit late. We are going to publish the list of dv winners from Nepal in our next article. Here in this post we give the step by step process to check online dv lottery result.

The dv program does not publish the list of dv winners. Hence you can get the online dv lottery result by using your confirmation number. It is a secret number that you have obtained after submitting the online dv lottery application form.

EDV 2024 Result

The diversity visa lottery 2024 result is out. Millions were waiting for the result. Now it is time to check either you got the lottery or not. Today due to high traffic the official website of dv lottery might be down. The official website for the dv lottery online result is dvprogram.state.gov.

How to Check Online DV Result?

It is simple to get online dv lottery result. Just follow these steps to get the electronic diversity visa lottery result 2024.

  • First go to www.dvprogram.state.gov
  • It is the only official website to provide the online dv result
  • Tap on entrant status button in the result page
  • Supply the confirmation number and other family details in the required spaces.
  • Finally submit the details to get the online result.

EDV Result for NRN

Nonresident Nepali willing to live and work in America can submit the online application. The dv result of this group of people is also available in the same way as mentioned above.

DV lottery Eligible Nations

Nepal is in the list of DV lottery eligible nations. But not all the countries in the world are eligible for the dv lottery. Like India is not eligible for dv lottery application. Similarly Bangladesh is also not dv lottery eligible nation. So Bengali cannot submit dv lottery application.  

How to know the list of DV Lottery Eligible Nations

You can find the list of dv lottery eligible nations in the official website of American government. Beside this you can many more information about USA from this website.

Working Visa job in USA

Every year state government provides working visa job for the foreigners. We have discussed in length about it in our previous articles. Hence our visitors can collect detail information about work permit visa job for foreigners from our previous articles.

Name List of DV Winners from Nepal

We have the list of dv winners from Nepal at the end of this article. Hence all the interested dv applicants can get the dv lottery result from this list. American administration does not publish the list of dv winners.

It is our attempt to collect the list of dv winners from Nepal.

Seasonal Working Visa job in America

Well if you are not able to get the dv lottery do not worry. You can submit the online application form for seasonal working visa job. As mentioned above every year US government provides working visa job for foreigners.

The United States government provides seasonal working visa jobs for both skilled as well as unskilled workers. You have to choose the job according to your knowledge and qualification.

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