USA Working Visa Job for 2024 !!!

2024 USA Nonimmigrant Visa Job

The state government is going to provide 2024 USA Nonimmigrant Visa Job. The vacancy will be more than twenty thousand.

Apply Now

Take a short eligibility test to know either you are eligible for the work permit job in USA or not. Only the eligible candidates can submit the online job application form to live and work in America.

2024 USA Nonimmigrant Visa Job

Get the details about the working visa job for USA in this article.

Browse Jobs for Foreigners

There are certain types of jobs for the migrant workers. So, check the list of available jobs for the foreigners. Individuals having such criteria can submit the online job application from the official job sites.

Make your American Dream Come True

It is not only the matter to dream. So, if you equally work hard then living with good job in USA is not far. Just follow the instructions given over here. The most important thing is learning all the details for the online job application for United States of America.

30,000 Seasonal Working Visa Job in USA

The state government is planning to provide more than thirty thousand seasonal working visas for the migrant workers. This is for six months period. As the demand of agriculture workers cannot be fulfilled from the domestic market the US department of labor has made this decision to enroll foreigners in the agriculture sector.

Documents Required for USA Work Permit Job

A nonimmigrant visa is granted to students, tourist and other visitors to complete their task in the given time frame. Hence the temporary workers also get this nonimmigrant visa to live and work in USA. 

  • Valid passport with minimum of six months expiration period
  • Job offers letter or sponsors letter from America
  • Duly filled DS 160 form.
  • Petition file on behalf of the employee or visitors
  • No objection letter from the American department of labor.
  • Other required documents according to your purpose of visit and task

How to get Jobs in USA?

In this age of technology, you can search the jobs from your home. Just go to the official job sites in USA and make online job application portal. Follow these steps.

  • Find the authentic job sites
  • Create your online job application account
  • Upload all the documents
  • Add your CV in your job portal

Now whenever your qualification and experience meet the requirement of the vacancy then the job site will send you the mail. Now proceed ahead with reference to the email you have received from the employer.

Who can Apply for USA Work Permit Job?

There are certain norms for the working visa job in the united state of America. Each individual must meet it. If you are unable to maintain the requirements then your online job application will not be accepted.

Visa Information by US Embassy Kathmandu

The American embassy Kathmandu provides all kinds of information about visas available for Nepali citizens in its official website. The official website of US embassy Kathmandu is So, from here you can collect all kinds of notices and information about US government and its activities in Nepal.

Diversity Immigrant Lottery

It is also called DV lottery in Nepal. Under this program the state government takes more than 50 thousand people around the world. Basically, from those countries having low migration rate in USA. Hence if you are from eligible nation then apply for the dv lottery.

2024 Work Permit Job in USA

USA is under going for the labor shortage. Hence the department of labor is being flexible to intake the migrant workers in the American labor market. This will certainly help to solve the unemployment problems in developing nations. Most of the developing nations economy is based on remittance.

The remittance from USA will certainly play important role in the economy of such developing nations.

NB: We are simply providing the basic information in this article. Hence, we are not working to enroll the migrant workers to any country in abroad. However, we will be providing all kinds of notices and information via to our valued viewers.

Finally, we would like to express our best wishes to all the interested migrant workers looking for the jobs in America.

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