2021 DV Winners Name List with Address!!!

2021 DV Winners Name

2021 DV Winners Name list is available here. Hence you can check the result via 2021 DV Winners Name list.

2021 DV Winners Name List with Address!!!

It is our attempt to prepare the Name list of EDV 2021 winners from Nepal. We have been collecting the name list of DV 2021 winners.

Like, many of our visitors are giving the DV winners name list in our comment box.

EDV 2021 Winners from Nepal

If possible we prepare the DV winners name list according to Province. So if we can prepare province wise DV winners Name list it will be easier to check result.

Therefore we are looking for the kind support from our well-wishers to prepare this DV winners name list.

How to Check the EDV 2021 Result?

Are you the new one in the EDV lottery program? If so here you find the step by step process to get the online EDV 2021 result. So to check the dv lottery result you should be ready with confirmation number.

Step by Step Process to Check Online DV Lottery Result

So to check the dv lottery results follow these steps.

  • Go to the official page of dv lottery.
  • The official page of dv lottery is dvlottery.state.gov
  • Here you have to enter your confirmation number together with family name.
  • Fill date of birth properly.
  • Supply the authentication correctly
  • Finally submit the details for the online result.

DV 2021 Online Result                              

Just following the above steps you can easily get the EDV Result. So we here by suggest all the EDV candidates to check online result. See 2021 EDV winners Name and Address.

How to Check DV Result from Mobile Phone?

Similar to the edv result in the computer you can check the DV result from your mobile phone. Hence just following the above steps you can get the online DV Result in your mobile phone.

Finally we would like to express our best wishes for the upcoming SEE exam result.

How to Face VISA Interview?

Here are some model questions for visa interview. So if you prepare well it will be helpful for you during the visa interview. At the same time if you have any question about DV lottery you can contact us.

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