USA Job with Working Visa !!!

USA Working Visa Guide

United States of America provides work permit visa to more than 50 countries citizens. Here we have USA Working Visa Guide.

Online Eligibility Test

Know yourself either you can apply for working visa or not. You have to follow simple but restricted conditions for US work permit visa. Only the successful candidates can apply for this visa. Read all the instructions before submitting the online application form.

20000 Jobs for Foreigners

USA is under going shortage of labors. Hence private companies are allowed to hire foreign workers in their companies. So for this there are more than twenty thousand vacancies for migrant workers.

USA Working Visa Guide

Read this article till the end to get complete visa guide.

Apply Now

Do not leave any question unanswered in the form. As soon as you fill this application form you will know that either you are eligible for this H1B visa or not.

How to Fill US work Permit Form?

The US employer is responsible to submit your petition file. It is compulsory to complete the petition form for the international workers. Now when the labor department of USA approves your petition application form you will get job offer letter with this approval letter.

Required Documents

Now collect all the required documents with this letter for the visa. The US embassy or consular office in your home country will provide the working visa to you.  

  • Valid passport
  • Original copy of visa application fee payment receipt
  • Job offer letter
  • Petition form
  • Enough bank balance
  • Work experience letter

Some Questions Related to US Visa

How Can I Get Work Permit in USA?

This is the question in the mind of people thinking for abroad job. Just follow the above steps to get the work permit visa. Beside this there is seasonal working visa in America. This visa will let you to work in America for six months.

Does USA Offer Work Visa?

Yes there are different types of work visa for America. Select the appropriate visa according to your knowledge and qualification. The wrong selection of visa may lead to visa rejection. Therefore it wise to go through types of working visa before applying for the job.

Which Visa Holder Can Work in USA?

H1B and H1B1 visa holders are eligible to live and work in USA. However there are some other categories of working visa in USA. We have details about types of working visa in USA in our pervious articles. Hence we kindly suggest you to find it from our past pages.

How long can you stay in America on working Visa?

Seasonal working visa is for six months only. But other working visa time period may differ. The tenure of working visa is different for different types of work.

If you have any question about the working visa for America you can contact us.

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