Letter Grading System From SLC 2072

slc exam

The final examination at the end of secondary level education  is called SLC. (School Leaving Certificate) in Nepal.  Class 10 students  from all schools in the country sit together for SLC exam. Few decades back the pass percentage of SLC students was quite low.

In recent years the SLC result has  little improved. Still people used to call SLC as an iron gate. Till the date the future carrier of students is determined by SLC result. The SLC result of private schools is encouraging.  The result of community schools is still poor. The investment of government in education is not fruitful. Billions of rupees invested by parents is going in vain.

Letter Grading System in SLC Exam 2072

The above mentioned problems about SLC result should be solved. Government of Nepal has decided to introduce letter grading system in SLC exam. This is the first batch of non-vocational school’s students going to be evaluated by letter grades. Vocational school’s SLC students were evaluated last year by same system.

Though letter grading system in no fail system still many students with C and D grade may not get chance to enroll class 11. It is because there is no higher secondary class in all secondary school in Nepal. The probability of being deprived from higher level education of these low graded students group is high. It seems that in the name of no fail system government is producing more failures. It is still not noticed that how the government will manage this huge group of low graded group of students.

There should be enough vocational schools to enroll these students who are unable to confirm their seats for higher education. The stakeholders, parents and people form civil society should be more vigilant in this regard. Political leaders and people of civil society need to be more dedicated for this matter. If all the concern people are not able to think about this the newly introduced letter grading system  it may not be fruitful as it is thought.

Finally the government of Nepal must work to upgrade all secondary schools to higher secondary. So that the students of own school can join grade 11 in the same school if he wishes. For the study of science and some other major subjects in remote area government can manage few higher secondary schools in the district headquarters. The office of control of examination is also not clear yet about SLC exam.

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