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America Working Visa Job Application Form

America Working Visa Job Application Form is free for all. Hence interested candidates can submit online job application from here.

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Read the details about the US working visa job application rules. Only eligible candidates can submit their online job application form. Hence take a short eligibility test to know either you are eligible for American working visa job or not.

America Working Visa Job Application Form

There is acute shortage of skilled and qualified manpower in the American labor market. Hence to fulfill this labor demand state government provides working visa for foreigners. You can learn more about different types of working visa in USA from

Vacancy in USA for Foreigners

State government provides working visa for the citizens of more than 20 countries. Department of labor takes seasonal workers in the agriculture sector. This group of people get visa for six months only. Similarly this seasonal working visa is single entry visa. It means same person will not get such visa in his or her life.

Industrial Working Visa for America

America is the largest economy in the world. Therefore there are so many industries in United States of America. These industries need large number of human resources. If the required workers cannot be fulfilled from the domestic market, then in such case companies can hire foreign workers.

How to Apply Work Permit Visa for USA?

  • First of all find the appropriate job according to your knowledge and qualification.
  • Make online application for the job.
  • If you are found qualified then the company will send you job offer letter.
  • Similarly your employer in America will file the petition form on behalf of you.
  • During the visa interview in the American embassy in your country take the job offer letter and petition file.
  • Visa appointment and interview is as usual to other types of American visas.

22000 Additional Working Visa

The state government and department of labor is going to provide an additional 22 thousand working visa for USA. This is an additional number beside normal schedule of the government. It means government has its normal number of working visa for the foreigners every year. This is out of the usual number of migrant workers to America.

Who Can Apply for US Working Visa Job?

There is no restriction of age and qualification for the job application. However skilled and qualified candidates have more opportunities in American labor market. Basically well trained manpower easily get working visa for USA.

As mentioned above if you want to learn more about US working visa and its types check our previous articles. We have many articles about working visa job in USA.

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